Who is buying Hunter's prints?

…and an orange man baaa, baaa, baaad unpopulist prez.

Yep Biden is a reaction and is not a populist.

Ahhhh… you elitists! Only you people know what’s good for the masses… right?

Yep…many placed their feelings above their brain cells and voted for this absolute mess. Know anyone who fits this description?

No we don’t.

Populism is not good for anyone. Bernie is a populist too and is no different

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Yep emotional vote

Won’t someone think of the forgotten man!?!?! Populism is reinforced with pure emotion.

I wouldn’t know. My wife says I don’t have feelings. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


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OMG… Bernie is a communist wearing socialist clothes. They simply use the phrase “for the people” while dictating “from the top” what “the people” need to think and do. It’s an old old trick. Do I really need to say more?

And another one showed zero care over the years to impropriety.

I don’t believe that you actually care now.

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He didn’t have to pay a loan with money he did not have while he was President.

He did not disclose this deal.

It was secret.

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Then what you said isn’t true. He didn’t save millions. His time to pay it back was changed to a later date. Why can’t you just state the facts instead of regurgibleating sheople food? I read the article on this and they wrapped up what I posted from it, with dishonest headlines which you just swallowed, regurgibleated and didn’t apply any of your own intelligent discernment to it.

Dude. I read the congressional report.

He didn’t have to pay on the principle for an additional eight years. Remember this was to a foreign bank.

The terms of the loan were changed while he was President, during a time when he had supposedly placed everything into a revocable trust and was supposed to not have any influence of the trust’s business dealings. So… if there was no influence… how did the terms of the loan get changed to his benefit?

Also on his public financial disclosures he claimed that the Hotel from 2016 -2020 had a net income $156 million while the Mazar’s accounting documents show that there was an actual net loss of $73 million.

During this period, Trump’s other holdings loaned the Hotel $27 million. $24 million of it remained unpaid. We don’t know if that debt went the way of how he illegally maneuvered debt when his Chicago tower went belly up.

The report also saw that between 2017-2019 the Hotel took in $3.75 million from foreign governments. Trump promised to pay that to the Government to get around emoluments… well… he paid a total of $355,687.

To top this all off. The money losing hotel paid out to other Trump owned entities millions of dollars between 2017-2020.

And remember… this is in Federal Government property that he was leasing from the government that he was in charge of running.

But let’s talk about Hunter Biden selling paintings.


Well… it is the thread topic.

Wouldn’t all that other salacious prog porn be more appropriate in another thread?

Dunno, I appreciate art and collect it. Can’t afford this stuff but it isn’t half bad, I like a few of the pieces.

True that, Number 19 sold for 58 million…

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Where is the proof to substantiate that claim?

Four years cheering on fake dossiers, pee tapes and phony computer connections to Russia and all of a sudden they want proof.

Who are “they”?

Democrats, leftists, and their supporters.