Who has done more for America and for the Middle Class, this group or Liberal Politicians?

In your opinion which group of people has done more for America and the middle class, this group of people below:

…or liberal politicians? Makes your case.

People should read this book.

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How was the Sackler Family left off of this list?

I would’ve phrased the question - “this group or politicians”

Why just liberal politicians?

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The idea that the “middle class” should be thankful to the ultra-rich for employing them is particularly problematic.


It’s just Atlas Shrugged fan fic at this point.

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Wild eyed lib politicians have done next to nothing for America and the middle class so it has to be the other group.

They’re just better people than we are and we should worship them.


It’s a new feudal system. With employee health insurance being castle fortification…if you are a good little serf the Lord will reward you with the insurance…the second you speak out of turns there it goes away.


As someone who is supposedly politically astute, voted for libs over and over and seen how lib politicians operate, I’m simply amazed that you’d ask that.


To whom should I be thankful?

You should read it.

Because conservative politicians are the champions of the downtrodden, standard bearers of proper patriotism, defenders of the one true faith, yadda yadda yadda.

It would be interesting to see how many of Forbes’ 400 are themselves liberal and have contributed to liberal campaigns.

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Twilight was a better

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You’re talking about the government.

no one.

If only. GM just proved it.
Government doesn’t give health insurance or coverage or care for most people

Your answer.

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I don’t know what that is.