Who else uses an Insta-Pot?

That’s the biggest thing for me. I don’t like to turn the oven on during the summer if I don’t have to, and too many times I’ve forgotten to defrost.

I can still have a decent meal on the table with the IP even when I do forget.

Used it tonight and had a really good chuck roast. Yum.

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Not an Insta-pot, but my daughter bought my wife and I a Cosori Air Fryer for our 37th anniversary.

That thing is the cat’s meow! We quit using our microwave for the most part and just use it. Stuff is heated evenly and quickly. Made up some french fries in it and they taste phenomenal. We are going to broil some steaks in it later on today.

i prefere a tradiitonal pressure cooker to an insta-pot.

You’re talking me into learning this gadget.
I’ve got a rice pot, crock pot, chicken pot and whatnot.
Sounds like I can free up some space if I take a little time and learn something new.


And you can’t really mess up. Try something basic like chicken wings and watch them off fall the bone while being crispy (obviously after a grill or a broiler).

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Le creusette- we are coming for you. Pitchforks at the ready. you 1 percent chef! :blush:

I just have the one Dutch oven, I swear!

And the teapot.

Oh ■■■■■ and the set of four magnets…

And the damned 2 quart sauce pan…

But that’s it!!!

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I use a Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 tool and it’s awesome

I’m a culinary idiot. But I learned how to make soup/stew sort of things in an instant pot this year.


They are truly awesome

Chicken broccoli and rice with parmigiana cheese. Good stuff. Go to Pinterest instant pot recipes for other ideas.


I gave my Instant Pot to the kidlet and have a Ninja Foodie now. Still playing around with it.

Just used my Foodie to make the best ribs not cooked in a smoker. Fall off the bone tender, and it only took about an hour.




Do a brisket next!

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I stand them up vertically against the silicone insert and then set it for 35 mins. Insane. I also cheat and add liquid smoke

I know i know @GWH you can ban me for a year now :disappointed:


I do not, but I use it’s suer-cheap cousin made by Aroma.

Aroma makes a combination slow-cooker/steamer/rice cooker with a hinged lid. It is NOT a pressure cooker. it does not get nearly as hot as Insta-pot. It does aboout two-thrds of what inta-pot does but takes out less space and costs only $50 or so.

I use it every day. I started using it when I was working insane hours and wanted to cook like the pioneers. (Just throw same stuff in the pot, push the button and you can eat it all day anytime tu re hungry.) Its a bachelors second best friend.

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Whatever works for you, I don’t judge. :grin:

But I know a guy that would call your mama names for that.

The ribs posted by @Yossarian above look excellent btw.

Recipe for Instapot/Ninja:
Remove membrane and season with favorite rub.
Brush ribs w/ bbq sauce
Pressure cook 25 minutes- 1-1/2 cup bbq sauce, 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar in pot. (Standing on edge, meat side against side of pot)
Natural release 5 minutes, then Quick release.
Remove liquid from pot.
Brush ribs with sauce, then air fry on rack 8-10 minutes @ 400.

Remove from pot, pour beer :beer:, enjoy.

I figured that or the oven to finish them off. I love my air fryer too. Cooks fries perfectly, and I’ve started a low carb diet in an attempt to shed some lbs. Throw some seasoned chicken thighs in it, and 40 minutes later, I’ve got lunch for the week.

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