Who comes after Trump?

I strongly disagree. Trump won the EC by razor thin margins. The DNC will do their best to counter that happening again. And when I hear multiple minority group leaders talk about how fired-up their members are I fully expect that the minority turnout on election day will be equal or exceed Obama election numbers. Of course a lot depends on the D Candidate. And a lot can change in a year’s time. But the recent poll numbers have Trump underwater is some very key areas.

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Thank God!

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I think with a slight modification, this is a really good question.

“What comes next…”

I don’t know that “who” is relevant. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do the first time they get frustrated.

Escalations never get reset to zero.

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I don’t accept your prediction that Trump will be re-elected. I think there is a chance he may resign when the going gets really tough, and if he doesn’t, he will be not win the election. Just my 2c. Also- judging by the looks of him lately, and by his behavior, he is not well.

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OK Boomer

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This is a very good question.

Might be a good idea to sell down in early 2024.

I think Nikki Haley has the leadership and personality to carry on, though she will not have the media appeal trump does.


I hope you’re right but I’m also pretty realistic. And I agree that he appears to be increasingly worse in terms of physical and mental health. Greenland should have been a warning sign. The Base doesn’t care about that tho.

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I suppose it depends on how one views the GOP post Trump, is it a party or a cult?

A cult is defined as a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

Which seems to fit this situation well. Hell, the GOP turned on Nixon and the Dems turned on Clinton. A few even voted for his impeachment.

So, if its a cult, which cult? If it is Scientology then who replaced L. Ron Hubbard? David Miscavige. Who is like David Miscavige as a GOP member? Certainly not Pence. I suppose Jr. could fill that role. I don’t think Nunes could, not enough bombast. Gaetz is too dumb, although that doesn’t seem to be a significant barrier these days.

Honestly it’s probably Rand Paul. Proper blend of bombast and inexplicable blind support.

gen x

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Trump is a clown, he has a few good ideas I like that is important to me like fair trade and migration control. Besides that I am not going to defend him on being a conservative but to say he killed conservatism is a stretch.

Under Bush jr we went into a trillion dollar war, doubled the size of the department of education, Medicare D, NSA spying, no child left behind etc etc…

Conservatism has been dead for a long time at the national level. The man they called “Mr. Republican” Robert Taft didn’t even want to be in NATO the latest iteration of a Republican before Trump has been running a neocon foreign policy of military intervention and nation building.

I always miss the meetings where they hand out the checks.

((SOROS)) is taking advantage of me…


Trump is one man elected under exceptional circumstances because the other alternative was so bad. Both the GOP and the country will survive him unless the whiney assed leftists who can’t accept his winning burn it all down in a giant national tantrum.

I wouldn’t agree. He’s given a shot of adrenaline and woken a lot of conservatives up to their need to get actively involved in politics. He’s pretty much destroyed the Democrat Party though. There’s no Dem in the House, Senate, governorships or mayoralties that is trusted by Democrat rank and file to win against Trump.

Yes, he destroyed the party so bad they took back the house

Kanye West perhaps. First lady Kim Kardashian. Politics is bound up with entertainment now. Thank you conservative radio and TV for that and CNN and the rest trying to ape that for the promise of as dollars. Thanks capitalism I guess.

Dead cat bounce. Anti-Trump Republicans were ejected by voters and the vacuum filled with the only option left.

It has to be someone within the Trump family. He is their King and “The Chosen One”.

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It could be, but there are Republican primaries. Whoever is next will have to perform well in primary debates. IMO Don Jnr is a devastating debater. Did you see how he eviscerated the witches coven that Whoopie runs with?

Maybe Ivanka will run for the Democrat slot in 2024, and straighten out that wing, like her father did the Reps.

It won’t be.

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