Who comes after Trump?

I think it’s a strong possibility Trump is re-elected and may stay in power until 2024. And it’s evident that Trump has upended so many norms that the old GOP has essentially died.

From tariffs, exploding deficits, ignoring intelligence agencies, supporting Russia, attacking our Western allies, lack of presidential decorum (twitter), shoddy ethics (Stormy, Ukraine), to playing footsie with white supremacy (immigration laws, Charlottesville, caging children at the border) Trump has changed the face of conservatism.

The question is- who can follow? And is there any going back to pre-Trumpian conservative values?


Trump pretty much destroyed conservatism as a movement. I don’t believe it will ever be a major force in politics again. And I say that as a conservative (an actual conservative - not one of these Trump wannabe conservative types). He managed to do what the more liberal elements of our nation couldn’t. It has been interesting to watch.

As far as who comes behind him - since the electorate put him into office, I have to say I am not hopeful of having someone who is competent in office any time soon. I may be a bit discouraged now - but, as badly as a major part of the electorate got bamboozled this time around, I no longer have much confidence in the electorate.


I agree that Trump essentially dismantled the GOP but I don’t think they are finished as a party by a long shot. Political parties morph. The GOP is now much more openly nativist, xenophobic and isolationist. I am sure there will be a number of candidates appearing in the Trump mold who will become popular. Long term the demographics don’t favor that approach though.

Yeah, I think the GOP will stick around as more of a populist party. I kind of differentiate between the GOP and the conservative movement now because they are so far apart.

I disagree. I think they have wedged themselves in with gerrymandering amd other methods to suppress votes. Then you have the judges. They gonna be around for awhile I think.

Trump is a creation of the CEC. As long as the CEC stays, it will only get worse.

Got it yeah. We are in a time when all definitions of patty and political philosophy are transforming. Will Trumps vision win the day or will there be backtracking?

I agree that the bomb thrower pundits created and helped elect Trump. And as long as they remain popular, they will steer the electorate.

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Is this the face of the GOP?

Not Matt Bevin.


well you checked all the boxes. good job

prob don jr, or ivanka


you forgot “racist” and “white supremacist”

are they even paying you?

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Its gonna be one of the following:

Don Jr.
Matt Gaetz
Devin Nunez

As was pointed out, its whomever AM Radio determines who is best for the Republican party.

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The George Soros check comes every month on the 5th. Pretty lucrative. I even gave up my day job. I can hook you up if you’d like?

no thanks i like to contribute to society and improve it

Ah - so we can put you down for voting for someone other than Trump in 2020, right?

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Hey man- you do you…but the money is insane.

Seems about right… If the ropes are at standard height of 4.5 feet that would make this representation about 9 feet tall which seems about right… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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not sure yet. get back to me early next nov

“you do you”

this and other 10 year old online warrior expressions…