Who are the best TWO US presidents of your lifetime?

Here is one recent poll thats got:

  1. Obama
  2. Clinton
  3. Reagan

for me too.

I got 1, Obama 2 clinton

so what does the community say?


A tossup between Carter and Obama as the worst 2 Presidents.

  1. Clinton
  2. Obama
  3. Johnson (based solely on social issues)

Clinton is my #1 because he was able to get much more accomplished than Obama because of a less hostile Congress.

I’ll let you know from my death bed but the fat lady isn’t singing just yet.

FOCUS. The question is the 2 BEST presidents. No negative nellies allowed on thread. Postives only.
you negatives nellies can make thread.


Trump is number 4 on the list.

Great list you got there.

No no no… dont disrupt the narrative. Right?

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Correct. This is a positive thread for a change.

and you answer is…

Havent seen too many (as in zero) Trump votes yet.

Maybe yours will be the first.


I’ve never been more supportive of a president. Dont know what “best” means.

He also managed to work with Congress. I don’t think that should be down played.

Agree 100%

I’m unsure if he would have been able to work with Congress to the same extent he did in our current political environment.

I’m 48 years old, so here goes.

  1. Clinton
  2. Obama

Liberals are going to pick the democrats, conservatives the republicans. You expecting something different?

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  1. Reagan
  2. Clinton

1.President Regan
2. I’ll tell you after President Trump is reached the end of his second term.


  1. carter
  2. clinton
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What are you basing Clinton being 2nd worst on?

I grew up in Arkansas with him as governor. We voted his sorry ass out of office one term.

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That’s irrelevant to his presidency. What made him 2nd worst in your opinion?

My lifetime:

My voting life:
Clinton, Bush 1