Who and why are you chosing between Presidential candidates?

My vote is for Trump.

Why that is follows:

So, to open up to you with some basis of where I’m coming from, and to perhaps serve as a rough proxy for others who are supporting Trump in this election:

It is the unrestrained difference of opinions described by “Publius”, Federalist No.10 that forms the basis of freedom in a constitutional republic; and that Limited Government restrained by the checks and balances described in Federalist 51 is a necessary evil to preserve those freedoms. The left is trying to suppress all views except their own. The left is also threatening court packing, confiscating weapons and rights protected under the second amendment, implementing obscenely larcenous tax policies, de-funding police forces, destroying law & order and promoting destructive anarchy, and bankrupting the country with policies that reflect not even the most rudimentary understanding of basic economics. And all of these things are written in the party platform that you can find on Biden’s website.

We won’t put up with any of this. But unlike the Left who can’t seem to get any these policies put into legislation—This would actually require persuading people – – We won’t resort to violence or intimidation to get our way. We will just express what’s bad about the policies on the other side and then we will vote.

My vote in this two party system is simply an evaluation as to who of two imperfect options I see is better able to preserve defend and protect the Constitution, and to preserve the economic machine which feeds it all.

In contrast, I don’t see this election as a choice between two personalities with all their issues warts and idiosyncrasies. I don’t find Trump’s style, personal life or rhetoric at all personally appealing. I’m pinging on Biden because he’s trying to make the Election a character contest which is absurd because to me his character is even more flawed and more appalling than his opponent’s. It’s predominantly only people on the left who are obsessed with this view. They don’t even concern themselves with real issues. But I’m willing to play that game because it may sway one or two on the fence.

But here’s a thing I think a lot of people on the left do not understand at all about those of us on the other side.

We are not hiring a friend or a Pastor. We are hiring a CEO who can execute policies. Along those lines I do agree with a majority of DJT’s policies and believe they have been effective, and that they will remain effective.

It’s much much bigger and much more important than personality, or tax returns or crudeness, or who makes money doing what.

I see the election as a choice between remaining a constitutional republic with a free enterprise system based on capitalism versus a thrust toward an unobtainable socialist utopian vision that has been tried without ANY successes in global history—a path that will set in motion the destruction of both our economy and liberty, including yours.

What say you?


I’d imagine you felt this way in 2012, 2008, 1996, and 1992 yet we remain a constitutional republic with a free enterprise system.

We’ve all heard this sort of scaremongering before.


I’m voting for Bernie Sanders. In my opinion, the only candidate running with conviction and passion to enact policies he and I believe would be beneficial to Americans. Don’t care that he isn’t on the ballot, I base my vote on the person I want to represent me and the country. I won’t vote for Biden solely on being a counter vote to President Trump, but I will be happy when he wins.

“I’m voting for Trump for limited government” lol. Just lol.


Even Bernie Sanders doesn’t want you to vote for Bernie Sanders.


I have voted for Joe Biden because we need someone who can pick a message and stay on it. This virus has shown the power of the presidency. You have the bully pulpit and although the governors have the power, you have the messaging.

Trump has killed a lot of Americans by just running his mouth back and forth without a clear message.

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Actually was an independent until this pandemic. Simply feel the Dems have shifted too far to the left causing me concern. Only after self studying the Constitution a lot more during this Pandemic did I convert to where I am now.

My ballots cast so far.

2000 - Dubya Bush
2004 - Dubya Bush
2008 - Bob Barr
2012 - Gary Johnson
2016 - Trump
2020 - Trump (pending Nov 3rd)

I know. But there is something to the idea that Biden’s personal political ideology is a collection of modern popular policies the Democrats push for that give me an unsavory feeling, and I don’t enjoy the repeating theme of “choosing the least worst”

There is still enough time for either to change my mind to vote for Biden, and admit I probably will. Just a bitter burnt out Bernie bro.

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Your description of the alternative, I agree with.

The quoted part, I would change to, "Slowing the abandonment of a constitutional republic … "

Both parties grow government. GOP just isn’t so aggressive at that. I will say that under Trump the GOP’s net growth of government has been far less than previous GOP administrations, but it still has grown nonetheless.

And to me, opting for that over the alternative is an easy choice.


This dude is a-Biden!

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This is where most cons lose all credibility.

In no way shape or form is Joe Biden’s… Character more flawed than Trump. Just say you don’t care about character. That’s fine (even thought that’s the single most important quality in a President).


Trump. Despite his flaws, and despite the fact that I do have misgivings about some policies, the alternative is much, much worse.

2004 - Dubya Bush
2008 - John McCain
2012 - Gary Johnson
2016 - Gary Johnson
2020 - Joe Biden

The point being, we have heard the Chicken Little cries of the end of capitalism if the Dem is elected for decades. It simply doesn’t ring true based on the evidence.

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Sharing our viewpoints is what makes our 1st amendment extra special. And no one here loses credibility simply choosing between two candidates. We after all is said and done still remain a bunch of humans far from perfect.

Thank you for supporting the GWoT.

Good point, like to add parties come and go into and out of power, especially when they don’t listen and adapt to WE the People.

Yawn - Every election we are told that unless a republican President is elected we will become a socialist state, the constitution will be trashed, the 2A will be repealed.

This was the message in 2004 and 2008 when Obama was elected yet after 8 years of an Obama administration the 2A remained intact, the US retained the constitution and we are still a free nation.

The popular scare tactic this election is that we are going to become like Venezuela when culturally, and economically we could not be more different and no one who has any political influence is campaigning for us to adopt Venezuelan policies.


We are told that because it works the majority of the time. Since 2000 Republicans have own 3 of the 5 elections for president They have won 6 of 9 house races. They won 4 of 9 senate races. Not to mention countless state legislature races.