Who agrees it's time to stop political v non-political

NOTE- I put this in Politics only because that’s the forum most people read and some still don’t want to go on “Latest” view. But it transcends politics to the degree anyone can transcend politics.

The market is crumbling. The economy is going to be damaged…perhaps horrifically. We are hearing reports of hospitals in the hot zones under strain already. I would hope we can all agree this is not a game now.

Today the President says what we are experiencing is the new normal, and the new normal may last all the way until August.

May I ask the mods and all posters right, left and center to agree that all political divisions are meaningless and that we hold each other accountable to make it stay that way for the duration of this crisis?

That we stop marking threads “political” and “non-political” and make a stab at playing nicely with one another?

I don’t know what such a board would look like, or even if everyone…or anyone… agrees with me, but I’d like to try it.

Who else?


I did the monthly grocery shopping at Wal-Mart today. Went solo since my daughter has the flu. It was pretty lame. Got our month’s worth of healthy food to eat even though most things on our grocery list were already sold out.

Will go back in a month to do grocery shopping again. Hopefully people unretard themselves by then.


This should be non political…but sadly in today political environment you’re not going to get what you seek.

As for hospitals…yes it’s going to stress that envelope.

Now IMO people need to start thinking about helping not only those that need help but to keep the economy going. You can do that, if you’re financially in decent shape and isn’t effected by this maybe it’s time to have that bathroom remolded that you been wanting, or kitchen.

Don’t just buy things that are made overseas…but things that effect Americans. Even if it means getting your carpet cleaned…or your house painted, new roof etc. You’re helping Americans directly…even if it’s only few days of work. Not to mention it protects your home and maybe add some value.


Let’s go religious instead, that’ll settle things down :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :rofl: :rofl:

Don’t forget savings accounts. Herp a derp.

I’ve got to go out tonight and survey the available goods. Hoping something’s there, but not optimistic.

I’ve already noticed it at the dealership I work at. We were crazy busy, full throttle just two weeks ago. Now… It’s not as slow as it was when I started back in December but it’s not where it should be. This affects our checks because we are paid on commission.

Thankfully I did keep my old job at the parts house. So I have dual incomes coming in even though I work crazy hours.

I felt bad for the people I saw stocking up on bottled water.

I find that confusing. The water has been flying off the shelves here, from what I’ve heard. Are we worried that city water will be going offline, or become contaminated? That wells will run dry?

That’s exactly why I felt bad for them. It seems to be just a common thing that city/county water is disgusting tasting and (at least thought to be) easily contaminated.

I’d like to see a better marketing push for cheaper whole home filtration systems.

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One of my colleagues at work says it’s the latter (not necessarily contaminated).

She just doesn’t like city water and doesn’t believe the filters take out everything. She says she gets an upset stomach drinking it.

For me water filtered through Britta is just fine.

Do you trust your city folks to keep your water safe from contaminants?

Water is different everywhere. In Minot even the city water was hard as rock, and every public tap I’ve ever tried in 11 states all had a chlorine/metallic taste to it.

My well water here is 28gpg hardness, which would require running vinegar through my coffee maker once a week to keep the innards from calcifying.

I have a pretty sweet softening/filtration/conditioning system for the whole home that costs under 2,000 and it’s good for up to a million gallons before I have to start replacing things, but the people who could use something like this the most have much more pressing priorities with that kind of money.

Tap water is fine for my family.

  1. My city seems to do well.

  2. I have an aquarain filtration system cuz I dont like the taste of city water, so I’m good.

  3. Bottled water, in the main, isnt any safer. Especially since most of it is just bottled tap water.

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Made it back from my trip. Didn’t panic buy, just got the normal stuff with a couple shelf stable extras (beans). Still ended up costing me $60 more than normal cuz only organic and expensive brand name stuff was left. It was pretty nuts.

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I dunno but I’ll bet there will be lawsuits!

Re: remodeling, I would think the last thing people will want in their house until August are a bunch of contractors…and the last thing contractors want to do is go into a bunch of people’s houses…

Signed: A manager of a remodeling company staring into the abyss.


It’s sad that in the richest country in the world, the problem with closing the schools is, kids don’t get fed.

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We’re doing breakfast/lunch mealpacks on schooldays. walkup/driveup only. HEB donated $100k to help