Who agrees it's time to stop political v non-political

Watching the same people who lied to us about Trump colluding with Russians push their fearmongering is disturbing.

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I’m game. Unfortunately, you won’t get everyone to agree to stop blaming Trump or what abouting Obama. This is a political message board, not a daisy farm. We’re not going to sanitize it like China did Wuhan.

But I wish you well on your endeavor.

I drink out of the hose.


Parent problem.

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If a post doesn’t have anything to do with Russia, is it even worth posting?

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I agree, as I think we all can, that it’s time to stop the politics and support the President and VP as they leads us through this crisis.


Now that we have a consensus, I’m off to bed. Let’s all pray we awake to a Covid free world tomorrow.

I do too. Doesn’t bother me in the least.

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Please share with us Why you would support those Russian collusion liars?

This entire thing is political… The over reaction is another form of TDS and left wing insanity!~. And it won’t work. Trumps looking like a real leader. And he closed the border while dems were still in the impeachment mode…


As Dr. Fauci said yesterday, it’s not an over-reaction.

If it didn’t look like one, we wouldn’t be doing enough.

Humans think in linear fashion. They don’t intuitively grasp that we can go from “What’s all the fuss about?” to “Holy ■■■■■■■■ within days. That’s how the exponential function works.

Also he said the hope is several weeks from now it looks even more like an overreaction.

If nothing happens over the next several weeks?

That was the point.

What would he know?

Yes, Trump admin is smart to play the game. You can’t fight the tide.

You’re wrong.

Not a political statement but a factual one.

About what? The death tolls are less than most flu years…

The same guy that said moving the White House pandemic team back to the CDC wasn’t a mistake? That Dr. Fauci?

I agree with most of the rest of it.

You’re comparing something that’s just getting started with something we already have “under control” (to the degree we can control anything) and has been going on for years.

Italy buckled under this within a week or two.

It’s not about the total deaths…it’s how fast compared with our capacity to treat.

As tragic as any death is, our health system rarely buckles under the strain of flu season.

They are buckling under this…because the incidence of serious cases needing hospitalization outstrips the number of beds and equipment.

How is it the experts can tell you this…we can see this play out several different times in different countries exactly as the experts said it would…yet here it will be different?

Before you say “socialized medicine”…Italy has more hospital beds per capita than the US.

You have no numbers, just adjectives like 'Buckled" … And I’m not an “Expert” worshipper…

WMD"s, Market crash, Russian collusion, Ukraine impeachment all show we have fools running things…

A nothing burger by summer!

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If things slow down, I will have my crew do home improvements at my house to keep them funded.

Office staff is already set up to work remotely.

I agree this should not be political which is why I’ve stayed out of the political thread on this.

I really wish instead of all of the bellyaching over this, people would come together. Our elderly, who have been advised to quarantine, could really use some help right now.

I’d love to see the press promote how to do that, who needs help and how to help.

What numbers would you like?

Italy was triaging their serious patients…who would get urgent care and who would not.

If they were doing that, that means the number of patients outstripped their ability to treat them.

If it’s a nothingburger by summer…that’s the point of now.