White Privilege? Nah...can't be

Here we have a black business owner, doing inventory in his own store, late at night…and police ask him what he is doing there. He responds he is the owner. (there are large pics of him in the store, as it is a clothing store, and he is a model for his offerings.

When asked to prove he is the owner, he is taken aback. An argument commences, with tempers starting to flare.

Only when a white neighbor, vouches for him, do the police decide he is the owner and they leave.

Black Man’s word, not good enough, til a white man chimes in.

Example # 8,675,309


Not surprised.

Must riot.

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I’m surprised that in the last 12 years of this political climate there’s not a hell of a lot more of them, it actually gives me hope, because I surely thought they would have came out in force with all the city burnings.

The left has turned into the way the right acted about Islam after 9/11 and again during ISIS. The right for many years thought there was a jihadist under every bed now the left sees a white supremacist around every corner.

When in truth neither the white supremacists nor the jihadists the ones doing the violence and city burnings, regardless of how much one wishes they were. Anyone paying half attention sees that it’s Antifa, far left activists, and BLM who are behind the destruction. Not ISIS or the David Duke boys. Sure you can find one occasionally like the article did but they’re not out in mass destroying cities and businesses.

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No, that is a horrible idea.

No one has called these cops a white supremacists.
I do not think many people all, or the majority of cops are white supremacists.

This is about white privilege, and how black Americans are treated differently than white Americans, strictly due to the color of their skin. Police are certainly guilty of that…and it is not necessarily racism. Although in some cases, it absolutely is.

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“is this your store”?

definitely racial profiling

< lights molotov cocktail >

mmmmm. cocktail

Shown a clear case, what you fellows are always asking for, you still cannot help but deflect to an event which did not occur?


Thinking. LOL


Notice again…the pattern here? It’s a liberal city…San Francisco. Why is it that these problems don’t seem to persist with in the country at anywhere near the same level, as liberal cities?

The pattern is so obvious, I must ask, do you believe it’s intentional?

this is narrative ■■■■■■■■■

surely youre smarter than this

It is not San Francisco, it is a small town on the other side of the bay. It is quite nice.

Also, that is irrelevant. It happens everywhere.

No my friend…it does not. Post your link where this is happening in cities that lean conservative? It should be easy because as you just said, “it happens everywhere”. I am witnessing all of this racism with in Democrat run cities. They may attempt to advertise otherwise but the reality keeps raising it’s head. This is happening almost entirely in Democrat run cities. Now…why is that?

Someone else’s business ought to be burned for this.

Oh this ■■■■■■■■ again… it doesn’t matter if its a liberal city…How many liberal cops do you know? Ever think that maybe there’s more minorities in “liberal cities”…and thats why these situations happen more often in them?

Top 3 conservative cities (according to Forbes)

Mesa, AZ

Oklahoma City:

Colorado Springs:
(this happen to a white man)


Where is the appreciation for protecting his business at 1 AM amidst riots and civil unrest?

Less outrage and more appreciation would be nice.

Seriously odd to take inventory at 1 AM while riots are raging.


What are you talking about? There were no riots going on there.


Sent that bleating back to the pen, well done.

Sounds like they need some retaining by some Patriots!