White House warns against violations of human rights in Kazakhstan protests

The difference is scope.

Yes, Democrats talk about “protecting democracy”, but they want to silence and jail political opponents. They have been more than happy to put whole states under effective house arrest using the pretext of fears about disease. Now they want to expel Republicans from congress. They attack Putin, but they end up endorsing Putin-style government.

Of course that all makes sense if you understand that “democracy” means “using any means necessary to promote and maintain rule by Democrats”. They are democratic in the same way as
North Korea (= Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) and East Germany (= German Democratic Republic).


Nah, he just offered to buy another of Hunter’s works of “art.”

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Anyone who survived the Soviet Union is highly suspicious of the government and the media. Trump and Gutfield noted that back in September.

Americans are starting to lose their naive gullibility as the obvious lies and disinformation keep piling up.

You sized up our current democrats quite well.

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Here is an analysis that supports that scenario of intervention in the Kazakhstan. Considering the involvement of the US and its allies in anti-Soviet and then anti-Russian groups in central Asia going back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the idea that the US is supporting groups trying to overthrow the pro-Russian Kazakh government is not unexpected.

For background, the CIA and MI6 quietly supported the development of ISIS under Obama.

US allies in the Middle East appear to be funding a new group, ISIS-K, which has been active in Afghanistan.

ISIS-K or a similar group are likely candidates to be leading violence in Kazakhstan from what I can see.

Nothing is ever what it seems, or how it is reported in the captive western press.

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Really interesting report. Thanks!

That first sentence is absolute nonsense.

The troops left today.

Yeah the guy who contributes to RT and who talks of Russian financial victories over blundering America is totally not in the bag …

Asia Times is the home base, lots of news/opinion organizations pick up his pieces, not just RT including Salon, Strategic Culture, AntiWar.com, even HuffPo and Zero Hedge.

Yes i know who he is. I have also read his articles that he posts sans Asia times. Anti Arab Jews taking over France, Russia China swindling blundering US. I am sure he is a good journalist, however his posts have a je ne sais quoi about them.

Russians assume that government-supplied information is probably false, especially if it has political implications. ​For example, here is the conversation between Gutfeld and Trump about Gutfeld’s wife’s refusal to get vaccinated:

TRUMP: Well first of all, I’d say why is she not doing it? Does she have some kind of religious thing?

GUTFELD: Skeptical. No, skeptical. She doesn’t trust–

TRUMP: Well, she’s Russian.


TRUMP: That’s the end of that.

GUTFELD: Exactly. You can’t argue with a Russian.

TRUMP: Nah. Very smart and very hard-headed. I think I know your wife a little bit, right? But she’s great and let her do what she wants to do. I got vaccinated and I feel very good. I think we saved millions and millions of people worldwide.

As far as figuring out what is going on in Kazakhstan, my assumption is that statements from both the Russian government and the American government are filled with lies and misinformation. If you doubt that is happening from Washington, consider the infamous drone strike that was allegedly targeting ISIS-K terrorists but ended up killing an innocent family instead.

They most certainly do but in a cynical sort of way. Both the Russians there and a lot the Russian emigres love themselves some government.