White House warns against violations of human rights in Kazakhstan protests

Kazakhstan has seen violent protests in recent days. In response Russia and other neighboring countries are sending peace-keeping forces. In addition the Kazakh president has announced that law enforcement agencies have been given an order “to shoot to kill without warning."

The White House has warned against violations of human rights in Kazakhstan:

The world will, of course, be watching for any violation of human rights and actions that may lay the predicate for the seizure of Kazakh institutions, and we call on the CSTO collective peacekeeping forces and law enforcement to uphold international human rights obligations . . .–Psaki

Clearly implementing orders to shoot to kill without warning raises serious human rights concerns. That is especially true if the orders are used against unarmed protestors.

Should the US send Lt. Byrd of the Capitol Police to Kazakhstan to provide guidance?


■■■■ Joe Biden
The Kazakhstan rebellion is just another in a long line of CIA/USAID/NED sponsored color revolutions on Russian borders initiated this time to distract the Russian government before this week’s planned talks.

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“We’re going to watch and make a call.”

Bet Putin peed his pants.


@Bill.in.PA that image is considered a bypass here. The emoji too.

Yes. Fortunately US law prohibits similar actions inside the US, and they are so law abiding that not one CIA official has faced prosecution for violations of that prohibition.

Perhaps the Kazakh president can compare the recent violent protests with the German invasion in 1941 or the Russian Civil War.

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Okay, here is a redacted image.



This could have gone in the “Anything Biden Can’t ■■■■ Up” thread.

He let every thug regime know that he can’t do anything about them when he FUBAR’d the Afghanistan exit.

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Probably belly laughed.


Whoah, what?

You want to pin an uprising in Kazakhstan instigated over fuel subsidies on Joe Biden?

Really? How bored are y’all?

No It’s not. INeither is it any sort of a revolution. Both demands were met. The violence is just steam being let out. It will be over soon.

Especially considering that the protest isn’t against the current President of Kazakhstan but the former one.

Oh and yes pin the scandal on the Biden is favorite past time here.

The “thug” they are protesting isn’t even President and was removed from his post 24 hours after the protests began. The organizers then called for the cessation of protests but obviously hard to stop violence especially in areas that deliver the oil for an oil driven economy and yet are piss poor

The CIA certainly has a long history of instigating coups and violence in other countries including neighbors such as Afghanistan.

Reports from Russia are that foreigners were involved in the violence.

Of course the US denies involvement:

The reality is that there is no way to know what is really going on. The US is not going admit involvement even if it were true. Russia would probably blame the US even if it were false.

How would the US trick people in Kaz… into rioting? The history of uprisings being blamed on the US or CIA is stronger than the proof, in most instances. The US says it will recognize a coup if it occurs and all of a sudden it is caused by the US. Not buying it.

The real question is whether the US has any moral authority about human rights in Kazakhstan when Capitol Police implemented a similar “shot without warning” policy.

"Some people died. One of the people who died was shot on the spot by the police, although they were not threatening the police with weapons. In many countries, the same thing happens… We have no desire to allow the same thing to happen in our country,” --Vladimir Putin

A similar situation exists with free of the press with the imprisonment of Julian Assange.

There were multiple warnings to leave the premises before a single shot was fired by a nervous cop. Comparing the Putin squashing of riots to what happened on Jan6 is pure dishonesty. There is no equivalence.

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The Biden administration is providing millions of dollars for “free and independent media” in foreign countries. Now let’s imagine that Russia announced it was providing millions of dollars for “free and independent media” in the US. Russian interference in our elections, right?

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Oh, they are exactly the same. But…shot by a nervous cop. Didn’t a nervous cop just get found guilty of shooting someone because they nervously shot them instead of laser them?

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What are exactly the same? The taking of selfies. The removal of barriers? The walking behind roped lines or the beatings the torture the electric shock the kneeling without allowing to lay down?

Exactly the same when there are no details known about one side of the equivalency.

Yes, that is a narrative that has appeared in the media.

Is there any video evidence that shows that Babbitt received a warning before the officer shot her dead?

The videos that I have seen show no warning from Byrd and no attempt to arrest Babbitt. Byrd was lurking in a doorway before the shooting. There is zero evidence that Babbitt even knew he was there.

I expect that the alleged warnings are in the same category as the lies and disinformation from federal authorities about the murder-by-fire-extinguisher hoax