White House press releaed november 2014

Its seems that Obama and Biden were worried about corruption in November 2014.

It also seems that the loan guaranty was made in May 2014 but somehow later it was used as leverage.

It seems odd that Trump cannot do what Obama did.


I dont see where it was used for leverage in there. Maybe I missed it

It’s impossible to discuss this stuff when some of you refuse to start at a barely basement floor level of basic facts.

Trump did not do “what Obama did”.


Was Obama holding the money to investigate his political rival? A yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks.

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Biden was VP.

Just a happy accident for the impeachment mob that he is struggling through his third attempt at the Presidency.

Anti-Corruption Initiatives

  • In addition to the new rule-of-law-related assistance announced by the Vice President, the United States is working closely with Ukrainian authorities and others in the international community to help recover stolen assets, including through joint investigative activities as well as support for evidence collection and processing activities.
  • We are also helping Ukrainian officials develop laws and regulations that will establish anti-corruption institutions within the government and enable authorities to combat corruption more effectively. Through support for expanded e-governance and procurement reform, we are also working with Ukrainian authorities to limit opportunities for corruption.
  • We are also contributing to international efforts, including through the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), to corruption and improve Ukraine’s business climate.

Same question for you, was Obama holding the money to investigate his political rival? A yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks.

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Biden the candidate is irrelevant.

Nope, he was holding money to establish anti corruption reforms as the statement says.

Now, the transcript says i want you to look into what happened in 2016, mentions the server and Burisma and Hunter Biden. Trump never said investigate my likely political rival.

On the other hand Obama, Clinton, The Dnc and the Cia worked with foreign governments to investigate Trump, who was a political enemy. And the activities were brought up before the election.


was trump

He didn’t try to. There was no bribery or quid pro quo.

The President specifically talks about Joe Biden stopping the investigation into Hunter Biden in the July call.

Even if that’s the only reason the aid was withheld, his administration still violate the impoundment control act by failing to notify congress. This is not some obscure technicality, it’s federal law and was enacted to prevent presidents from interfering with appropriations made by congress. Why do you suppose the administration violated federal law regarding this aid?

Actually it matters. You know context and all that jazz

Only if you are gullible or easily distracted.

Biden soiled the bed and now he has to deal with it.





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No malarkey.

Biden is punching at Iowa from a barnstorming bus.

Biden used to be VP under Obama and admitted on video to leveraging a billion dollar loan in exchange for the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor…bad enough…Now add on the fact that his son is collecting a paycheck from a NOTORIOUSLY corrupt Ukrainian company…and you have really bad.

Just reported that Hunter has been one of the few Americans unable to find work…

A separate motion filed with the clerk Wednesday said that Hunter Biden “is not contesting paternity.” It was accompanied by an affidavit, signed by Hunter Biden, stating that he had been “unable to complete an Affidavit of Financial Means as required by Arkansas law at this time because of a lack of complete information necessary to do so. In an effort to demonstrate to this Court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019.”

Interesting development…No malarkey.


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So? Do you actually have a point?
Weve already gone over the timeline with Biden and the video. Do you have any actual facts that can help your case or just sketchy conspiracies?

Trump administration needs no help. Calling this impeachment distraction a case lends a level of credibility I am not about to give it.

If Joe Biden doesn’t rhetorically shoot himself in the foot…Hunter will.

Case in point…We had been told of a long line of boards and lawyer positions that Hunter had filled to be viably qualified for the position at Burisma…Now Hunter can’t land anything since May? More disconnected rhetoric.


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So you have nothing…got it…