White House press releaed november 2014

Repeating the story Groundhog Day fashion is the tactic of choice for CEC storytellers…so this will go nowhere.

As did the last thousand times we told them why they were wrong.

You don’t want to punch at the motive of Hunter?

He is either trying to defraud the paternity case by claiming unemployment


His employment history is so damaged nobody wants him.

Looks like the former by the sudden firing of his lawyers.


Oh I know…sometimes I like to poke them and watch them drown

It has failed in an even more epic manner for Trump critics.

Who knew the hyper-focus attention would make Trump stronger and smarter?

Like Popeye on a can of spinach.


Who cares…it has nothing to do with what trump did.
Would you like to know what I had for dinner last night? It has about as much to do with your story on hunter.

You are trying to paint the overall image that hunter is a shady dude…I deal in facts. Not some worthless fluff to flesh out someone. It’s irrelevant and shows just how desperate you are because you have NOTHING…nothing…NOTHING…LALALA

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I’m sorry.

WHAT did Trump do?


Sure he has something… political something.

Which is all this was ever about.

It wasn’t about getting at the truth or rooting out corruption.

It was about damaging Joe Biden politically.

So the paternity suit is now part of that. Hunter is a drag on his father’s chances…so anytime he ■■■■■ up, the CEC will use it.

More water muddying.

You know…so we are just wasting peoples time I see.

Of course…its clear as day what the angle is here. They have nothing so now its everything they can find while saying the dems having nothing. Just the typical stupid projection

An inability to succinctly and clearly articulate the reason for an impeachment inquiry does not bode well for moving forward with it.

Hunter Biden has found the strength to move ahead after 8 months looking for work.



The articulation is clear and in any other era would garner huge public support.

Donald Trump blatantly used the power of his office to further his own political interests at the expense of national interests.

When surveyed, people even know that what he did was very wrong.

But his strong core of supporters are prepared to excuse anything he does because “libs are evil”.

The 5th Avenue Scenario is very real (when surveyed there have been Trump supporters who have said in response to a Trump shooting someone on 5th Avenue scenario ‘I’d have to know what the person who was shot did first before I could make a judgement’).

They will forgive anything.

How did Trump “blatantly” do this?

You can’t even produce a single witness that will testify that Trump did anything unethical…


Which Biden did by having the COI with Hunter at Burisma.

No malarkey.


Trump was so interested in anti-corruption efforts, he bypassed official anti-corruption protocols that have teeth, sent Giuliani in to make deals, asked for an announcement of investigations, didn’t get said announcements once the truth became public, and then dropped all “efforts” of “anti-corruption” (i.e. damaging PR for his political rival).

So, basically exactly the same as the Obama admin.

There have been a few already. Vindman was on the call…cooper talked about aid being with held.

Again we dont need to waste our times here.

That’s (D)ifferent.

Like I said not one witness.

Just yesterday the President of the Ukraine (who IS an actual witness) said there was only an interest in eliminating corruption.

Did Obama know about Biden’s heavy handed tactic to oust Shokin?

Maybe that is why he has been quiet of late?

Could be Biden punching at more corruption. Trump should also try punching at it.


Vindeman is a flake and admitted there was no deal.

He got slapped when tried to edit the transcript.


“I would like you to do us a favor though”

Of course, they are a country dependent on the good graces of our imbecilic president. They don’t want to wade into our politics.

TRANSLATION: He’s lying because he doesn’t want Trump to ■■■■ him.

Of course Obama knew. It was our official foreign policy stance.

The President of the Ukraine addressed your talking point…

He added, “Look, I never talked to the president [Mr. Trump] from the position of a quid pro quo, That’s not my thing. … I don’t want us to look like beggars.”