White Evangelical Protestants are one of Trump’s most loyal constituencies

“Eighty-one percent of them voted for him in 2016. That’s 20 percentage points higher than Trump’s vote share among any other religious group. It’s higher than the percentage of WEPs who voted for George W. Bush, John McCain or Mitt Romney. The wide gap between WEPs and other faith communities in support for Trump persists to this day. Every other group, on balance, views Trump unfavorably. WEPs, by a ratio of 2 to 1, view him favorably.”

White Evangelical Protestants really are a huge part of Trump’s base. Which is a bit weird since he’s so different than them and he’s lived a life opposite of what they think is Christian.

Good article. Explains a lot.

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Glad to say I’m part of the 19% minority in this case. For some of us, following Scriptural principles trumps political power.

I’ve got to say, I’ve been VERY disappointed with the majority of evangelicals in this nation.

One of the good things to come out of the Trump presidency is that the evangelicals should never have a lick of influence on politics ever again after revealing they are willing to embrace a man who is seemingly opposite of all of the virtues they’ve harped on for decades.

Good riddance.


Hate to say it as I’m a white evangelical myself, but I have to agree. The evangelical movement as a whole has pretty much destroyed it’s own credibility. Evangelicals have proven to be more of an enemy to their own cause than any outsider could ever be.


Former Southern Baptist here. 20 years. I never felt comfortable about how some where willing to try to “force” their religious beliefs on others via political persuasion.

Keep your religion in your homes and churches and out of the state houses. I’m fine with that.

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This just shows how forgiving evangelicals are. Godless libs wouldn’t understand. Donald Trump is the perfect representation of Christianity in the Republican party.


The major problem is that Dominionism has taken hold in major segments of Evangelicals. Add to that the CEC feeding into the paranoia that comes with the idea that anyone that is against them is basically Satan.

So any champion… not matter how deplorable, is doing God’s work.

During the campaign, I saw my evangelical cousins sharing this piece comparing Trump to Sampson. Trying to rid oneself of cognitive dissonance will lead people to crazy places.


Libs don’t understand many things but are always sure they do, and if not they just insult good decent & devout people. I think the easiest explanation of the WEP support was the promise of constitutional judges with the hope of overturning Roe vs Wade. It’s not hard to actually understand since the leftist liberal Democrats have gone too far on their abortion policies. JMO

good, decent devout people don’t run cover for a father who sends his son to negotiate with the father’s porn star mistress.


Yes, we all know evangelicals sold their souls for a bag of judges. Modern day Judas’s. The WEP that emphatically support Trump are more interested in power than living out the gospel. Bunch of Pharisees.


I thought he was the Word made flesh.

There you go with the insults, THANKS for making my point!!

Probably nothing. He is dead as far as we know.

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What do you think Jesus would say about abortion? My guess is that he would be more angry then he was with the merchants in the temple.

The problem with this theory is that I’m very conservative and share the same view of the situation. There is agreement across the political spectrum on this.

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Jesus said a lot more about how to treat the downtrodden and refugees than he did about the unborn.

Jesus worked with people one on one and worked to meet deeper needs in their lives rather than try to focus on enforcing outward behavior via laws. If you read the Sermon on the Mount, that’s what that was all about. Righteousness doesn’t come about through obedience to the law - it comes from a transformation of the heart.

There is an old saying - it is never right to do wrong to do right. Yet, that is exactly what evangelicals did in 2016.


I doubt it. They probably didn’t understand science like we do today. 2,000 years ago they had no concept of cell division and the like. Jesus likely believed life began at birth and didn’t get angry when pregnant women had miscarriages because it wasn’t life yet because they weren’t born.

You think there is agreement to abort right up to the due date or agreement to abort at all, WOW, I’m stunned!!

I’ve never met someone who died and then was brought back to life. My father was a good man. The best man I have ever known in my life. He never raised an angry finger or voice against any other man. I was so sad when he died. And he was not brought back from the dead.

If God can bring people back from the dead and have political opinions and the like, then why would he allow all of the horror and suffering that happens to so many good people, or even worse, innocent people like children?