Whitaker Testimony


Funny thing about a “perjury trap” - all you have to do is either:

  1. Tell the truth, or
  2. Invoke your 5th amendment rights


Ya except for you know, manafort failing to register as a foreign agent for pro russian ukranian oligarchs, laundering money for them, and Trump/associates sogning LOIs with sanctioned russian banks and lying about all their contacts and business dealings during the campaign. Zero evidence. Proof? No. Evidence. Oh yes.


Did he make false statements in that interview?


So we agree… Flynn was never charged with perjury and therefore could not have been a “victim” of a “perjury trap”.


When Donald Trump said “don’t believe what you read and see”, there is obviously a certain segment of the population he was speaking to. Blind allegience to a politician, especially a billionaire New York real estate mogul, is comical.


Ukranian is not Russian.

There’s been zero evidence of any illegal activity between the campaign and the Russians no matter how you want to spin it.


I’m sure you think you have a point in there somewhere. He was forced to pleat to false statements which is perjury in lay terms.


Pro russian ukranian oligarchs with strong financial connections to the Kremlin. I am well aware that it is a matter of fact that ukraine is a separate state.


Do you think we should amend the False Statements Accountability Act of 1996 to allow false statements?


Which doesn’t support the claim that there was any illegal activity between the Russians and the Campaign.


You said there was no evidence. I just gave it to you. And it does support it. It provides motive. Manafort was the campaign chairman


I think in order to charge someone with a crime for making statements that are not true or completely true you should have to prove there was an intentional act involved.


No you didn’t. Ukrainian is not Russian.


Manafort was the campaign chairman.


And nothing illegal between him and the Russians transpiring when he was part of same has been shown to have occurred.


Are you now moving the goalposts to “proof”?


Do you not believe Flynn when he swore, under oath, that he did intentionally lie?


I haven’t moved anything.

The whole premise for the investigation was that there was “collusion”, which isn’t even a crime, between the campaign and the Russians.


There is most definitely a pro-Russia faction within the Ukraine which is where most of the connections lie


How did Flynn’s admission not prove that?