Whitaker Testimony

Surprised to see no thread on this epic display of partisan childishness orchestrated by House D.

Whitaker put the rhetorical smackdown on each and every inquisitor and came out with my utmost respect.

One highlight from the media…

Yet Democrats yielded no new information about the status of the Mueller probe as Whitaker repeatedly refused to discuss conversations with the president or answer questions that he thought might reveal details. Though clearly exasperated — he drew gasps when he told the committee chairman that his five-minute time limit for questions was up — Whitaker nonetheless sought to assuage Democratic concerns by insisting he had never discussed the Mueller probe with Trump or other White House officials, and that there’d been no change in its “overall management.”

Nothing to be had, nothing to be gained.

My favorite quip by Whitaker was when he told a repeated question of…Will you state…That he would not be a puppet to such a childish game of gotcha.

Wonderful video.

Dust yourselves off sweet D and come back again when ready to act like professionals.



I only got to watch part of it.

The DEM representatives were aggressive, hostile, and tried to either limit him to yes/no answers to “gotcha” question or attempted to put words in his mouth.

That is not “oversight”, it was shameful.


Had you scrolled down a litte you would have seen this

People just talked about here…really wasnt much to discuss i guess…


I don’t see much point in exercising oversight over an acting AG who likely won’t be acting in a week or so. Congress certainly has the right to do it, but why?
It has to be either:

  1. they hoped for a political circus or
  2. they really believed their own propaganda and that of their media and expected he was secretly in meetings with Trump to help the President bury the Mueller report
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Whitaker acted poorly, telling those who are supposed to ask questions that their five minutes were up.

He’s garbage.

Good gosh. Making a little joke makes a person garbage?

It’s rather amazing how rudeness, obstinance, deception, obstruction and stonewalling are now traits Republicans consider heroic.

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If Comey, Yates or Rosenstein acted the way Whitaker did, I’d bet good money that the majority of Trump supporter’s responses would be the complete opposite of what they are right now.


Forget how Holder acted regarding executive privilege?

The fact is that Whitaker cannot answer detailed questions of discussions with the President without the President waiving that privilege.
And no, there is not head of the FBI privilege in the Constitution…

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Ah, so now he’s telling jokes? When does he do stand up?


Anyone remember the 11 hour Hillary Benghazi hearing? If she acted the same way as Whittaker, Republicans would be having a meltdown of epic proportions right about now.


A few posters still use the “what difference does it make?” line. Clearly they are still angry.

He should have been at least respectful. It would have made the whole thing a lot easier for everybody. He acted like a jerk.

And the democrats didn’t act like jerks. If you ask me the democrats were not very respectful either. All they wanted to do was play to their base.
After the Kavanaugh hearings the left doesn’t have a lot of room to talk when your talking about jerks. Every time they get the stage you know the clown show is ready to begin.


Whitaker was the one that came in with the attitude. It would have gone much smoother for him if he hadn’t acted like a fool.

Tell that to the fools on the left who came in with an attitude. Get your own party to treat people with respect and act like adults before you start pointing fingers at the other party.
Like I said we all saw the clown party in action at Kavanaugh’s hearings. Same party same act when they asked to question Whitaker. And I’m glad unlike Kavanaugh he didn’t sit there and take their grand standing.

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Whitaker did not play their game and came out with the upper hand.

There was nothing there for the D to query.

It was a show and the D played the foil. Badgering an AG with a couple weeks left of service?

Not a single question had merit.

Well thats apples and popcorn

No, its AGs and AGs.