Whitaker Testimony


No it isnt. The letter appointing mueller doesnt mention “collusion” anywhere


So what? That doesn’t show any illegal activity between the campaign and Russians.


The investigation began long before Mueller was ever appointed.


The agents who interviewed him didn’t believe he was lying. That interview was used as the justification for investigating him and it’s what the Fed’s had him plead guilty to.


Intent is not required under the false statements act.

Again, keep up with the conversation, remedial posting is a bore.


So he is good at lying? Did he make false statements during those interviews and on his FARA documents?

What do you think would have happened to someone in Flynn’s command if they had lied to him?


Thats irrelevant


Illegal activity between the campaign and Ukrainians is just as wrong as if they were Russians


What do you think the phrase “knowingly and willfully” means?



And I’m sure you can prove the pre-Mueller investigation was based on “collusion”.


I’ll take “intent” for $500 Alex. :joy:



Where in that article does it say the FBI was investigating collusion? I didn’t see the word appear once in the entire article. Fail


The Real Scoop? Is that some wacko’s backyard printer?


Thanks, Rudy. :frowning:


At the risk of wandering astray of the topic…I cannot wait to see the same level of zest and zeal for examining the FISA protocols that got Carter Paige on the FBI radar.

Whitaker is not a puppet, but there are some Ohrs that fit the profile.



How is Huber’s “investigation” coming along? Any news?


It is when one has been proven incorrect with their statement.


Unlike Mueller’s propaganda circus, this one is being handled professionally.




You don’t even know if that investigation is ongoing or not.