Which is more dangerous, China or Russia

Some say China is greater threat, other say Russia is our greatest threat.

  • China greater threat?
  • Russia greater threat?
  • Islam greater threat?
  • Conservatives greater threat?
  • And finally are libs a greater threat to our Constitutional Republic.

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Trump and his supporters are the greatest threat to America.

Violent cartoons always have been and always will be our greatest threat.

…followed closely by women with hairy knuckles.

Roadrunners with anvils and ACME catalogs are an existential threat.

Please…if it wasn’t for pheasant privilege, that coyote would have had that bird for dinner. No, the real threat is that wise cracking rabbit.

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The poll offers too few options. Everyone knows the EU is our biggest threat. Just ask any Trump lova.

It would have to be gun loving cons. When we finally get it together to make changes in the 2a, they will go mentally ballistic, unhinged and violent.

China is the greater threat in that their economic future is in front of them and Russia’s is mostly behind them IMO. As we lose our economic strength to China, the world will begin to accept their strength more and more. As they do, one day, the pendulum of world confidence will change and the US will no longer be able to just print money and when that happens…life as “we” know it will change drastically.

Russia is the greatest threat. China isn’t much of a threat, as long as they are making money and have investments in this country. That’s my main worry about a trade war with them–they can eliminate us as a trading partner, and then we don’t have as much leverage, and they will be more of a danger to us.