Which Book of the Bible Gives You the Most Satisfaction?


Is this the spot write more? I just wanted to ask that question, thanks.


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Not sure what you meant to discuss, though.


Oh, your a god send. I thought this place was empty. When you read the Bible, which section gladdens your soul the most?


After the Beatitudes, Isaiah. There is so much wisdom and inspiration in Isaiah, and it is so well written.


Psalms. The entire gamut of human emotion expressed in one book.

  • Sermon on the Mount in Matthew
  • Job
  • Paul’s letter to the Ephesians


Sermon on the mount


Of a Friday night, I like to drink a glass of chardonnay and read Revelations.

Thanks to you kind people for sharing.


All of your choices are excelent. I am glad to be surrounded by like minded people. At a certain age, things get lonely.


Proverbs. Reminds me of the man-to-man talks my father had with me. I still have those talks with my son who is now 24 years old and recently got married.


Oh I wish them happiness ans security and satisfaction in their marriage. Congratulations.



I think we’re seeing a lot of it come true.


So do I, daily. Let’s discuss Revelation. I’ll let someone else begin.


First century Church history.


The book of Lamentations.


Ecclesiastes - or the short form of the book, T.I.’s “Live Your Life.”


The Book of Revelation

A delusional, schizophrenic, bi-polar, homeless guy living in a cave on an island in the Aegean is believed as a ‘‘from the mouth of god’’ prophet by millions.

How can it get much funnier than that. Theirs’s an hilarious satisfaction in that.