Which Book of the Bible Gives You the Most Satisfaction?


Revelation - I take comfort in know all of this is going to end and leftists will burn in eternal hellfire.


Not helpful. Just came across a quote where someone noted that even a room full of idiots will quickly agree the world has its problems. However, not even a roomful of geniuses can figure out a solution.

One of the problems with the left is they see the solution as helping the downtrodden is by making someone else the downtrodden. That way they are always helping someone, and in such a way that as soon as they are finished helping that group they have already created the next group they will happily help…while making someone else the downtrodden, ad nauseum.


ALL leftists?

What sin have they done that they’d go to Hell?

And beware…the people most self-righteous and confident that they will go to heaven are the ones who zoom down to hell the fastest.