Where Trump dropped the ball on the Pandemic

Let’s break this down.

In an international pandemic (which are quite rare), the focus should always been on getting people on the ground where it emerged and making sure the pathogen is isolated and identified. Next, the CDC would set up testing and coordinate contact tracing for all known exposures, with assistance from local and state authorities. Lock down your borders to all international travel immediately and quarantine everyone who came in the last 30 days.

The military can be useful here as well, more boots on the ground the better.

Where infected people go can be traced by federal agencies such as the NSA, CIA and FBI, with assistance from local cops and telecoms.

Once a test is complete and effective, use the DPA to focus all production on reagents and swabs. Set up labs in every state and focus on hot spots, test every living thing you can until you break the spike.

Have the NIH and FDA green light all studies that can either identify therapies or vaccines.

Use the DPA to prompt US manufacturers to create enough PPE, vents and pumps.

Have the President enforce a 50 state mask mandate, and make it seem patriotic to do so.

Instead, we had no boots on the ground in China, we delayed closing borders, we botched the test, we still haven’t used the DPA for PPE and we have forced 50 Governors from 50 different states to compete for swabs and reagents for testing, to find PPE on their own and to somehow manage a pandemic without the resources the Federal Government has, such as a military, the CDC, the NIH and the FDA.

The Federal Government was uniquely suited to this task. We should have been the example of what and how to address this pathogen, it is completely unacceptable to me that every other western democracy did better than us and the reason is fairly simple. We relied on state officials to do Federal tasks and they simply weren’t suited to the task.


I dunno I heard the billions every year we spend on the CDC and HHS was an elaborate practical joke and all this time they were advertised as the lead agencies against epidemics, they didn’t really mean it and it’s up to the states.

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Trump avoids responsibility like the plague.


If only there was a … a… a… playbook of some kind left by the previous administration.


Good post

Unfortunately our history of federalism and even now a strong distaste for a centralize government response would have precluded just about all of this from happening.

Just posted in another thread:

Things the administration did in January and early February

  1. Travel restrictions
  2. CDC met with hospitals to inventory supplies (this was a bid lib talking point at one time but when Cuomo claimed not one in NY died due to lack of supplies that killed it)
  3. Mask production increased
  4. CDC works on developing test sets
  5. Work on virus vaccine begins
    6.CDC meets with governors to talk about how to react if the virus spreads, including social distancing

What Dems did in January and early Feb:
Biden claims Trump is reacting hysterically and xenophobically.

Also, the people were removed from China because the Communist government would not deal with them.

Plus…I have not seen it refuted what Cuomo said…that not a single person died in NY due to a lack of equipment…and NY was the worst handled state of all.


The China travel ban was so leaky it wasn’t even funny. And no travel from Europe was shut down- and it was already known the virus had spread to Europe.
CDC inventorying did take place- we can grant this…but Trump did not exercise the Defense Production Act as he should have so supplies lagged. Yes NYC managed to get through it- but the stories of front line workers using absolutely abysmal PPE were all too real and may have allowed spread of the virus
Mask production was not ramped up until March when the pandemic as already upon us
Developing the tests was an unmitigated disaster and trump was too busy downplaying the pandemic to pay attention to this even when warned about it
Vaccine work was not ramped up with government funding until April
Everyone already knew how the virus spread…this was an inconsequential action

The worst part about all these actions is that they were not coordinated together with a strong message warning Americans to hope for the best but be ready for the worst.

Citing a laundry list of things done is not the same thing as a well-coordinated response.


Mask mandate? The President has not authority to enforce a mask mandate. That is a state decision and the police power has to be used to enforce it. We do not need nor have a legal basis for a federal mask police.
What, you want an authoritarian President?


Maybe you should be president.

And yet, at least in North Carolina, our governor’s mask edict has no teeth. They stated that they can not force you to wear a mask.

Would anyone know why that is?

They are using a restaurants business license as a means to enforce the states control over the business, by threatening them to make patrons leave who refuse to wear one and if they don’t, have them charged with trespassing, which police would have the power to enforce.

Go figure.

That would be a state issue. Police power is retained by the state. If they cannot force you to wear a mask in North Carolina it is either because of their laws or politicians.
They are having no such problems here in Texas.

There is so much wrong with this story it’s almost not worth replying to.

  1. We can’t force our way into China. The Chinese were kicking people out and had Wuhan locked off.

  2. Did you really just say put US troops into China?

  3. Shred the Constitution? The FBI? CIA? NSA? You must be joking.

Most of the rest of it is addressed here.

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I actually feel bad for all of the Governors here, GOP and Democrat alike. There is no way on God’s green earth they would ever have the capability to lock down a pandemic in their state and procure PPE and testing equipment, as well as coordinate contact tracing.

They are supposed to see to paving the roads and running schools, not interpreting epidemiology and virology. We have people who do that, and they work for the Federal Government.

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You mean the DPA?


April- yippee.

Also addressed here.

N95’s are for caregivers…so this response to what I said is moot.

No interpreting was done by any governor. They have state health departments to do that. And the CDC did it. Every epidemiologist and virologist in the world did it.

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I mean, let’s say there was on that was bi-partisan and outlined steps and actions that could taken and reviewed all the different laws both state and local.

How could a busy man like Trump, or his administration, in the middle of a impeachent been expected to find that??

It’s not like there is a magical system you could type in “pandemic playbook” and have it come up in seconds.