Where is the Republican Congress? It's their responsibility to counter dangerous Presidential rhetoric

Republican Media won’t do it. The Supreme Court can’t do it. It may not be in Congress’ job description but they must speak up when the Administrative branch is dangerous to our citizens.

This is not a monarchy. We have 3 branches of government. Stand your butts up and be heard.

It’s the partisanship game. That is a key factor as to why I changed my voting strategy this year. I believe with the way things are now, it is imperative that at least one branch of congress be controlled by the opposition party of the executive branch. Thus, going forward, I will be looking at who is likely to be elected president to determine who will receive my vote in Congress. If it looks like we’re going to have a republican president, I’ll vote for democratic members of congress. If it looks like we’ll have a democratic president, I’ll vote for republican members of congress.

You mean Maxine Waters?

You libs crack me up.


Established Republicans won’t do anything about Trump UNTIL he starts losing them elections. So, give it a few weeks. We might see a change.

That’s one reason I really hope that the democrats take over the House. It would at least possibly be a chance for the Republican party to wake up and start cleaning house. Ironically, it would also help Trump get some of his more liberal policies (i.e. - healthcare for everyone) passed.

There a no, zero, courageous republicans in Congress or the Senate.

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and it would give republicans cover for the impending economic downturn and someone to blame


Blaming is one area where they seem to excel - lol

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feigning ignorance and outrage seems to be another

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I don’t think you’ll find them speaking out at all, when they are all in on the dangerous rhetoric.

(JTA) — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused George Soros, Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg of trying to “buy” the upcoming elections for Democrats.

The Republican congressman from California tweeted a video of himself making the comments on Tuesday and temporarily pinned it to the top of his feed before deleting the Twitter post entirely.

All three men McCarthy mentioned are billionaires who donate heavily to liberal causes. Many Twitter users objected that McCarthy’s tweet attacking Soros appeared a day after an explosive device was found at Soros’ suburban New York home.”

I wonder why he deleted it?

They wont do ■■■■ because the base supports this sack of ■■■■ in the white house who talks out of both sides of his ass.

What about none violent Libs? What should be done about them?

Congressional Republicans are gutless sniveling cowards. They deserve nothing but shame and humiliation from this day forward. I wouldn’t waste good spit on one.

Because Trumpism is a cult and speaking out against dear leader is kissing your job goodbye and will lead you to be on the receiving end of hundreds of death threats.

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This is the Era of Spinelessness in Congress

Such violent rhetoric.

Lol. Give it a rest. We know what your game is.

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You mean liberals?

Nothing…because most of em aren’t violent. True liberals understand and embrace culture and ideology differences.

Libs on other hand are authoritarians.

So now you make a distinction between liberals and libs…they’re two different things. You need to clarify that nonsense.