Where is the media outrage for a 7 year old being killed in a Mcdonald's drive-thru in Chicago?

Last night a 7 year old little girl and her Father are shot in a Mcdonald’s drive-thru in Chicago. Where is the Woke Media on this?

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Because she wasn’t shot by a cop.

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Here’s more:

Welcome aboard, John! Mainstream news in the U S is leftist feminist, and this little one’s shooting doesn’t reflect the narrative because she was with her father at the time. If the story cannot be told in leftist feminist terms, it’s silenced.

Not only was she not shot by a white police officer, but had a father who was obviously a participant in her life. And that doesn’t fly with feminists, who don’t see fathers as responsible human beings who rise to the occasion of parenting.

What does this have to do with woke media? It’s just another sad gang related shooting. Everyone is already “woke” to gang violence being an issue. This is kinda like asking why a house fire doesn’t make national news vs arson related to a riot.

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The family also flies in the face of BLM vision:

A man rising to the occasion of fatherhood and spending some time with his daughter goes against their mission of boosting women, mothers and GLBTQ individuals. Anyone else notice men don’t seem to be a part of their platform?

Or eliminating abortion, as Planned Parenthood tends not to locate their clinics in white majority neighborhoods?

I guess only some black lives matter to them.


About BLM:

source: https://blacklivesmatter.com/about/

Seems to me you need to start your own organization if you’re displeased with their focus.

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The call for Black lives to matter is a rallying cry for ALL Black lives striving for liberation.

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“…striving for liberation”

Ah, got it. Just some black lives. The worthy ones.

Where’s the “Right to Life” organization?! They should be on this.

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There are already a multitude of organizations that address issues concerning gang violence and black fatherhood. Why must BLM, an organization created to address a certain issue, also cover these other issues of which organizations already exist? Black Lives Matter is not the same as black lives matter. One of them is an organization and a movement and the other is a general statement.

OBLM … heh…


That headline left off a few words that might be important.

I’d be happy to start any organization, for any cause, that also enabled me to procure such an expansive real estate portfolio.


Do you have a problem with her being wealthy?

I have a problem with her stonewalling the BLM chapters that are asking her where the money the organization collects goes.

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Karl does.

No…I simply follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and I know that the same two that brought that child into the world, are the best equipped to lovingly raise and guide that child into adulthood. BLM goes against that and thus, I am against BLM.

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What ever happened to spreading the wealth and giving to the poor?