Where did the Monsters we see in the Fossil Record Come from?


This is sad

Whoops quoted as me

I’m not positive of anything except, I love The Lord and am working daily on doing so with all of my heart.

So you are saying God uses deceit?

For a God that purportedly wants us to “know” him and be in fellowship with him he sure plays a lot of hide and seek with us.

Is that how you’d interpret a fossil? How would you interpret cancer, polio or brain tumors?

Did God create light-based evidence that would lead evidence-based people away from the Genesis story?

Sorry dude…you’re not getting out of this one using semantics.

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A fossil implies a certain age of the earth outside the scope of a literal reading of Genesis.

Diseases are just part of nature.

Smyrna, how do you interpret a fossil?

Actually their are examples of “God” testing peoples Faith in the Bible.
So in the concept of the Bible and Religion he could have created things to test peoples faith.

There are many things that are over my head. What’s in front of me is where I spend most of my energy addressing it. When I have free time, I consider other things. Fossils are outside of my understanding of creation and yet…there they are. What I stated was a thought that occurred to me when pondering them.

All right. Thanks for the response and keep pondering.

Job comes to mind. Seems pretty crazy to allow Job’s wife and kids to be killed to win a bet about his faith.

It’s a great story until you think about it from the perspective of the wife or kids. Plus, what father is going to be happy to carry on after his wife and kids were killed but he got new ones? Job isn’t much of a family guy.

So with that story in mind, it should be easy for people to understand that “God” could make fossils to test people.

Not saying I believe it one way or the other but it is possible.

Actually just his kids were killed…his wife survived…but even there God didn’t plant deceptive evidence to test Job.

As for the kids…Christians will respond they went to heaven (or sleep until resurrected at the end of days depending on which version of end times one believes) so their suffering was brief.

As evidence they will present the fact that when the test was over, Job’s wealth was doubled, but he only had as many new kids as he had old ones.

Therefore we should consider that God planted dinosaur fossils?

Again, in the Job story, “strange” as it is, no lying evidence is planted.

Everything that happens is something that could have happened naturally.

This is typical of what happens on this board.

The original statement was:

That expresses a POSSIBILITY. Your question that I quoted above changes that to a definite absolute.

Great example of contemporary discourse.

So … (insert something that was not said…)


Yeah, Job is certainly not an example of God being deceptive.

God has said that he is not the author of confusion.