Where are the documents?

All the rage about the Kavanaugh documents from some. All the reasons not to release them from some. Interesting how both sides take different positions when it comes to the DOJ and FBI.

What documents are you referring to?

The Whitehouse is holding back a hundred thousand pages of documents on Kavanaugh. Some of it is clearly reasonable, but some maybe not so much.


Kethledge was the better pick.

Maybe as soon as corrupt FBI and CoJ releases all of theirs unredacted.


Shockingly enough, I’m with the White House on this one. Deliberative privilege.

With the White House’s sparkling record of “only the best” appointments and nominations, it makes sense they would begin to withold information about appointees. It’s much better to learn everything about someone after they’ve been confirmed. Drain that swamp. :roll_eyes:

I’m reading more about this, and it’s getting more interesting.

Can a sitting President claim executive privilege on behalf of a former President - even if that former President would opt to release the documents?

That’s an interesting legal question.

all document requests are reasonable in a democratic republic. what is unreasonable is to have so many back room dealings.

Executive privilige is a privilige of the office, not the person.

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the issue is not whether it exist but should it exist

When is your favorite President going to release his tax returns???

As soon as your favorite president releases his college transcript.

It’s none of your business.

Where are the white women at?

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I believe so, the current becomes Guardian of the Archives upon assuming office.

Agreed. Well said.

His tax returns prior to taking office are none of your business.

Do you remember why the tradition of presidential candidates releasing their tax returns started?

Yes. Nixon was under audit and accused of being a crook. He released his to prove he wasn’t.