Where are the arrests for showing up at Justices homes?

That’s correct

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Yep. We had an incident some 15 - 20 years ago where a Jury Nullification advocate was arrested (and convicted) for Jury tampering just for picketing with a 1-800-tell jury sign on the sidewalk in front of the Courthouse entrance because Jurors coming into the Courthouse could not reasonably miss seeing his message. Ironically, the prosecutor of the case presented orders of magnitude more information about jury nullification to his Jury than the defendant ever did.

Had I been on that Jury, he would either have been found not guilty or the jury would have hung.

The first Amendment guarantees your right to say whatever you want. It does not relieve you from the consequences of what actions you take while you are saying it.


Jury nullification would be a great thread. Doesn’t necessarily split on left right lines.

Selective prosecution means that there are always resources to investigate angry parents at school board meetings and suspicious handles on garage doors. On the other hand, there is never time to investigate fire-bombings of pro-life clinics and a campaign of intimidation against conservative justices.

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Some people just can’t wait for a night of discount riot shopping.