Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing


Yes, Fox News definitely needs to be held more accountable for all their fake news. I’m glad conservatives feel that way.


More like news outlets like washington post and abc news. News for them is made up to fit the liberal agenda


This happened shortly after the weird event where Thomas’ wife met with the President to push far right positions. And Trump has been very vocal about wanting to loosen the libel laws.


Yeah, I remember hearing Trump complain about them. Ugh … this just gets weirder…


That would be news to them. :laughing:


Which equals fake news


That’s not the way it is over here.
Look up the Richard Jewell case.


Which Richard Jewel case?


Richard Jewell v. Piedmont College
Richard Jewell v. NBC
Richard Jewell v. New York Post
Richard Jewell v. CNN

They all paid him money.


Why? There is diversity jurisdiction. Wapo would have removed it to fed court anyway.

Respectfully to those who are dismissing this lawsuit as a nothing burger i would be very careful. The initial 24-48 hours of reporting was bad. It clearly concentrated on edited video and it wasn’t until later that stories started to change. There may be standing for libel here especially since the standard is so much lower for non public figures.

Honestly wapo is going to settle this. No way do they want this tried.


I noticed you left off the case that didn’t settle. Why is that?


The verified Twitter responses from some celebrities and so called important people was the thing that made me say “Wow really, your going there”. Blue check marked verified actors, some media calling for the kids to be punched, killed, and the school being burnt down. I read at least 10 things on twitter that I was amazed people would write as a verified person. Most took them down unfortunately for them the internet doesn’t forget.


They who? Have you identified “them”?


The incident didn’t take place in Kentucky nor did the defamation.


Facts hell, they didn’t even do the most basic verification or seek two independent sources much less dig in for the actual facts.


I was stunned myself by the vitriol from people I call “those who should know better.” Over the weekend, I heard an interview with the attorney for the one student - at first, I thought this was just a token lawsuit and that it would go away, but this guy (I believe he was part of the Richard Jewell suit) made a very solid, compelling case. I don’t think I’d want to be the lawyer for the defense if this gets to court.


I never said a report threatened Nick Sandmann,
but because of the reporters reporting what they did, and portrayed
Nick as a “Racist” wearing a MAGA hat, I’m sure that there are
plenty of left wing Radical activists that are threatening him.

After all, that would make sense. Since Radical Activists are good
at that sort of thing.


So they will use the federal defamation laws? :grinning:


Not every news source does cursory investigations like Fox does.


Their reputations were self-trashed. A lesson to be learned in a modern world where if you act like a jerk, there’s always someone nearby with a phone.