Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing


The students from Covington Catholic High School were cleared of any wrongdoing after an independent investigation funded by the diocese found they were not the instigators of the viral incident with a Native American man at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., last month.

The inquiry, conducted by Greater Cincinnati Investigation Inc., found that the accounts of Nick Sandmann, his classmates and the chaperones on their trip to the nation’s capital were consistent with videos that circulated online showing that it was they who were harassed by a group of so-called Black Hebrew Israelites.

So can we expect an avalanche of apologies from the Leftwing Talking Heads and Media Gurus to be as intense as the smear campaign they launched against these kids with zero evidence supporting the claims of racism, racist chants,“Build the Wall” chants etc?

Somehow I’m doubtful.


They won’t be coming, there has been a few (very few) celebrities delete their tweets, most didn’t with Raza Azlan still rocking “Have you ever seen a more punchable face?”. A few media personalities issued corrections in their story, but I doubt much else will come.


I hope the families and the school both go through with their threatened lawsuits.


They are suing for liable, I am not sure if anything will come of it though.


They certainly should prevail.


What should anyone be apologizing for?

Who should be apologizing?

Name some names and specify their deeds that need an apology.


It’s past time for an apology…those entities that all shot off their negative speaking mouth, spurting out lies, hurting innocent, young people, need to now put their money, where their foul mouth was.


Trump’s New Republican Party cannot exist without extreme Victimhood complex. OP illustrates this perfectly.


Against whom?


good luck with a libel lawsuit in the United States.

we have free speech rights. very difficult to prove libel.



LOL. Let them prove libel. thats when they SHOULD prevail.



It really taints a lot of posts on this board.


was there a police investigation into the incident?

these independent? investigations could be biased.

I would trust a police investigation over them.



Not all agree with the conclusion of the investigation.

First of all:

“The report concludes that some students did perform a “tomahawk chop to the beat of Mr. Phillips’ drumming” — an arm motion mimicking the swinging of a tomahawk that many Native Americans find offensive — “and some joined Mr. Phillips’ chant.” But the report makes no further comment on that behavior.”

I will stick to my original conclusion.

Young and dumb.

No apologies fro me forthcoming. (esp to the tomahawk choppers)



Sue away.


Most of media pundits who jumped on the story prematurely had already apologized when the full video was shown.

Why should they apologize twice?


Why do they keep talking about how they are going to file a lawsuit? File the lawsuit and let’s get this started… :joy:


Same reason they’re gonna lock up Hillary. They literally cannot function unless they have a very obvious bogeyman to stoke fear, anger, dread, loathing, hate, etc. It is all based on extreme emotional responses by folks unwilling or unenthused enough to think critically.

Being emotional is much more tempting than being pragmatic. Groups love emotion.


No you will not - its the way of the world. Not sure about the US but in the UK when a newspaper is found guilty of libeling someone they have to print an apology and it normally is a tiny apology buried in the middle of the newspaper.

It sucks but it is what it is.


Agree there was a slew of retractions that weekend or by the beginning of the week. No need to apologize again.

This is what our country has turned into…victims. First, it was the native american…he and native Americans were hate crimes by a bunch of white Catholic boys. Now the white Catholic boys are the victims. It’s all so ridiculous. I laugh that this thread is even here. The victimization of America.