Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing


“independent investigation funded by the diocese”

LMAO!! I’m going to lunch…


the Left Wing Fake News Democrat Media doesn’t care who
they go after, and who’s life they ruin.

Nothing is off limits for them. Just like when they went after Barron, the
Presidents son.


How about everyone who slandered them in the press and the phony Vietnam Vet? That’d be a good start.


No it isn’t especially when the targets are not celebrities or politicians.

Free speech is not license to libel and slander.


What exactly where the police supposed to investigate? What crime was alleged?


This isn’t the UK.


What is there to apologize for? I keep hearing Sean Hannity go off on some “high powered” attorney who is going to sue people if they don’t apologize, but the Krappy Kovington Kids are not owed an apology by any news outlets as far as I can tell. So file those lawsuits. Get on with it and stop being snot-nosed whiners.


Sheesh why do you have to be so pedantic with your replies? Of course I know its not the UK, but I was making a general point as to why you never get an apology from media outlets on the same scale as the initial response. All media outlets operate in this way the original story makes headline news and the apology gets much smaller coverage.


More cons screaming about the speck in others eyes while walking around with a giant plank in theirs.


Has slander been proven in a court of law?

Name some names, give us some details, who slandered and what comprised the slander.

Come on now. It shouldn’t be hard. It was in the media right? It should be easy peasy to name names and list their deeds.

Seems to be a Lack of Consistency

What damages do you believe they will be able to claim?


Maybe Conservatives should put a Black 18 year old handicapped girl
in a MAGA hat, and have her stand up for her beliefs.

Then the Liberals Politicians can ruin her life, and say that she’s a disgrace to
all Black People. They can say she’s a disgrace for her age. Call her
a Disgrace amongst handicapped people, and call her a disgrace to all women.

That’s what they seem to do to Conservatives in general.


Well let’s see, their reputations have been trashed and this will impact how they are looked at for the rest of their lives impacting job, educational opportunities and of course resulted in numerous death threats, threats on the school, the families etc.

I’d say that’s a pretty good start.


Bringing ourselves down to their level is not the answer.


I would never ask someone to do that.

It was to show the hypocrisy from the far left, and how
they attack anybody no matter what or who a person is in life,
as long as they’re a Trump supporter nothing seems to be off limits.


Hell look at how they constantly attack conservative women and blacks with any kind of high profile in the media.

It’s just what they do.


Good luck proving those damages. Claiming those as damages will either piss the judge off or cause him to laugh them out of court.

Again, the judge will say “why aren’t you going after the people who sent you death threats?” No one “caused” the death threats but the people who made them.

They are no more legally responsible than Trump is for violence at his rallies.

Which is a pretty good indicator that at best, the outlets would settle out of court, they know they don’t need to because they know this won’t go anywhere. This is Nancy Grace levels of fluff.


Yes it is. It is highly immoral, as well as hypocritical on their parts
for doing so.

Also bad for their supposed causes. Then again if they’re attacking women, and
minorities on the right side of the spectrum, they probably don’t honestly
believe in most of their own causes anyways.


I believe that is the plan. To put decent patriotic kids through this kind of hate is something that should not be ignored.


You have of course zero basis in fact for any of those claims but I didn’t expect any better.

The lies spread by the media talking heads are directly responsible for those threats.

Defamation/Slander in this case is a slam dunk, there was no basis in fact for any of the smears of these kids or the school.