Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing


Yeah, this is the very definition of fluff lawsuit that is just going to clog up the courts and waste time. I suspect we’re going to see either of two outcomes:

  1. “Our client and WaPo have reached an settlement we can not disclose.”

  2. Case dismissed because lawsuit-happy attorneys are unable to prove the damages they claim.

This won’t go anywhere.


I wonder is there was a fundraising campaign for legal fees? If so, we can probably predict when the case will end by dividing the amount raised by the weekly burn rate once WAPO starts flooding them with discovery…


You might want to watch the video. Like I did same kids. Lord knows how many doppelgangers teens from a Kentucky were milling about the Capital that day


I learned from the first instance that you don’t run with a 5 second clip that doesn’t show how you got to that point.


Well, I think this guy for one needs to apologize:
Reza Aslan who tweeted:


The Diocese confirmed that the kid in question who made that comment doesnt actually attend Covington.

There’s a reason Omar had to delete her tweet.


The smirk kid new theme song choices, Mr Sandman (bring me a dream) or Metallica Enter Sandman.




Not that it wasn’t a horrible thing to say it has been noted it that video was from a different school group, which wasnt the Covington kids.


Whats funny about this is comparing how liberals propped up the hogg boy.
These students were thrown into the spotlight becuase of liberal fake outrage.
Seems like the denominator of both are liberals creating fake circumstances to fit their narrative.


Not only that but if the kid loses he will be responsible for all of wapo’s legal fees…


Nick Sandmann is suing the paper owned by :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:
Republicans need to protect their children better, because obviously
attacking children is something that the Liberal Radical Media seems to enjoy.


Interesting too that Clarence Thomas offered a written opinion this week that Sullivan v. New York Times – the case that made it nearly impossible to win a libel case against new media – should be overturned. His offer to play judicial activist with law settled fifty-five years ago would seem to be a direct invitation to the suit against the Washington Post.


Krappy Kovington Kids are not due an apology, and ringleader kid won’t be seeing any big payday.


Because the whole lawsuit is a ■■■■■■■ joke.

Why is it a joke?

Because they have no case. I find it hilarious that one of their exhibits is that of the bishop of the school who condemned the Krappy Kid’s actions. The WaPo reported his statement verbatim.

Will be great to see the crappy lawyer that is repping the Krappy Kids laughed out of court, or even better, slapped with a nuisance suit judgement.


So it’s ok to threaten a child’s life?

Because of the false reporting Nick Sandmann’s(a minor)
life is in danger, and get gets death threats.


Fake News.


Which reporter threatened the life of a Kovington Krappy Kid?

Because if you have evidence of this, I would suggest you report them to the police. That is not okay.

If the Kovington Krappy Kid is being threatened by others, based upon his actions on the Capital Mall, then those doing the threatening should be brought to justice. Doesn’t have anything to do with the Washington Post.

Nah, this is just a desperate attempt at relevance by the Kovington Krappy Kid, his lawyer, and a bunch ot ring-wing losers that are trying to make a martyr out of another young Kavanaugh.


Apologize for asking a borish question?


It would seem to me anyone who answered in the afirmative would, arguably, have more cause to need apologize.

But I will grant you that one!


The fake media needs to be held accountable


Yeah, I wondered about that after saw the story. Since when has he commented about a case like that? I don’t remember it ever happening.


You know what i think is hysterical about this? If not for the lying and the desperation to paint racism where none existed, nobody would know who these kids were.