Where are all my small government conservatives at?

So the mayor of this town decided to ban all Nike items. How is this not an over reach of government? This is getting out of hand


So stupid. If Nike items were to be excluded it should be because of cost.

Well let’s begin with the definition of small government conservative, which concerns the federal and not state government. See the arguments between the federalists and anti-federalists at the time the constitution was being created for details.

From your link:

The Times-Picayune reported Sunday that Ben Zahn, the Republican mayor of Kenner, La., instructed the city’s recreation department to not buy anything that showed the Nike logo. Zahn didn’t immediately respond to Yahoo’s request for comment.

If he did it because they employed slave labor, would it be ok then?

Yeah but he Did Not

This is not possible. Right wingers think boycotts are stupid.

State government can be as authoritarian as they like and you’re ok with it?

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Lolol so it’s ok for state government to squash your rights lololol

I heard a city councilman say that they don’t want to buy Nike because they don’t want a purchase to be perceived as stepping into the fray. It’s not exactly wrong, but cmon man.

Not what I said. What I said was is, it has nothing specific to do with small government conservatives, who may be against it. They are under no special obligation to be against it by virtue of being small government conservatives.

Prepping the lifeboats!

Tyranny at the appropriate level. Brilliant. It’s not technically a small government issue if it’s not federal.

Having fun arguing with yourself? I said no such thing.

Well that’s a fairly elastic definition of tyranny don’t ya think?

Nah, I just believe in government so small it can fit on the end of a trans-vaginal probe. As long as it’s at the state level.

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It’s absurdly inconsistent to say that “small government conservatives” are only concerned with the size of federal government. Sure, you could say that about states’ rights conservatives or anti-federalists, but the idea that a small government conservative is totes cool with an ever expanding government simply because it’s below the federal level is oxymoronic. Pick a different name.

If a small town in Louisiana isn’t forced to keep buying Nike products, are we really free?

Kim Davis = Hero
Colin Kaepernick = Villain

As long as you can cloak your incongruous views in technicalities, you can believe anything.

Does that work both ways?