When will it be time to admit that we cannot mask our way out of Covid

In a few months we will be entering our 2nd year of masking. How many years of this crap will be necessary before we realize that masking isn’t going to kill Covid. Three? Five? Ten.? How long will you be willing to play this silly assed authoritarian game?


2nd year.

Masking is seen as “doing something” and it makes some people feel better about being in public.



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Which is fine.

The mandate is the problem.

The mitigation priority is vaccine, people concentration, ventilation…masks a tiny bit helpful. Certainly not worth fighting over.


If masking helped, Covid would be long dead by now. Pretty much every state had a mask mandate. For months. It did nothing.

That is what is frustrating. If they mattered it would be ABUNDANTLY clear by now.

Wrong. “Helped” and “Prevented” are two different words. And by your own admission you cause it to help less.

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Bull ■■■■

I got Covid during a mask mandate. October 31 2020. I have natural immunity that is about 13 times better than a vaccine. Plus I’ve been vacinated. And I got Covid from a masked event. I don’t care what the talking points are. Nobody is getting Covid from me. My mask is a hood ornament.


You speak to your condition, not all conditions.

Nobody is getting Covid from me.

Pride goes before the fall. I pray you are correct.

I made an correction to my post. I got Covid in October of last year. I believe that my state did have a mandate at that time. Sorry.

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Did you comply then as you brag about now?

Can you rephrase this in a less disrespectful manner? I don’t speak to you this way.

Fair enough?

Masking was never “the way out of Covid.” It is a part of the process. Masking, social distancing, testing, isolation, vaccination, treatment. All are needed. None are completely effective if used alone.


So how long to you mask? 5 years? 10 years? Forever? Each variant will be worse that the prior one.

As long as it’s needed. If we aren’t able to eradicate SARS-CoV-2, it will likely come in waves. Masking during the peaks, no masks in between. The people who decide not to follow preventative measures will slowly decline as they either experience the disease and decide to be more precautious or die. Eventually it will be a part of life.


So you’re a forever man if “needed.” Does it bother you that the people deciding if it’s “needed” have gotten almost everything wrong to date?


Who has gotten things right? Not those who said it was a hoax or like the flu or would go away once the weather got warm or we that should just “let it rip”. I’m vaxxed and frustrated too. But covid doesn’t care about my feelings.


Nobody. And I would trust them a little more if they pushed their enormous, authoritarian egos aside and admitted it. But they won’t.

It’s simple really. There’s not an easy way to determine what impact masks have actually had. So with no clear method to discredit them, they’ll be the status quo.

Where I live in NJ there are no mask mandates. But I am almost certain they come back in the fall. Kids will be going to school with masks and they think that will work. It won’t.

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