When was the last time a Democrat(s) initiated and passed a middle class tax cut?

Democrats purport to be the party of the middle class but I couldn’t recall the last time a Democrat or Democrats initiated and passed an across the board middle class tax cut?

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Maybe JFK???

I’m going to say never.

Middle class taxes aren’t that high.

Speak for yourself and answer the question.

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I’ll have talk to them about that. I’d love to see a tax cut. Hasn’t happened in a long time.

Notice after 30 years how one philosophy dominates.

The unspoken assumption is that the only way to “help” is with a tax cut.


I used to be middle class. Middle class taxes aren’t they high.

Raising them certainly doesn’t work.

Payroll tax cuts conditional on hiring tend to create 18 jobs per million dollars.

On the other hand increased unemployment benefits create 19 jobs per million dollars.

Tax cuts how they were done under Bush and extended under Obama only create 4 jobs per million dollars.

I can’t wait to hear this.

The second most cost-effective solution is unemployment benefits. Every $1 billion spent created 19,000 jobs.

Unemployment benefits create so many jobs because the unemployed must spend all the benefits received. They buy necessities such as groceries, clothing and housing right away. Retailers and manufacturers respond to the added demand by hiring more workers to keep up.

These benefits also help keep the unemployed from becoming homeless. It is more difficult for them to find a job if they lose a steady address.

The third most effective spending solution is education. For each $1 billion spent, it created 17,687 jobs.

:rofl::rofl::ok_hand: All righty then.

  1. ARRA had $300 billion in tax cuts.

The Bush cuts extension?

Obama stimulus package. $380 bil in tax cuts total IIRC. Got 0 Republican votes.

Why would Obama cut middle class taxes to stimulate the economy?

Good faith to try and get Republicans to sign on to supporting America. They weren’t having it though.


They are when you add up all the taxes one pays, especially in a state like NJ. Take all the Federal taxes one pays and then add property tax, state tax, sales taxes, gasoline tax. The middle class pays a lot in taxes.

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**[quote=“PeterGriffin, post:18, topic:8388, full:true”]
Good faith to try and get Republicans to sign on to supporting America. They weren’t having it though.

Republicans went out and lied about the stimulus afterward, creating the impression it was all spending.

Hence, the surprise you’ll see exhibited here about it.