When the useful idiots revolt

Everywhere we look we see Democrats and people who live in Democrat controlled areas are really pissed at their elected leaders. They’re moving away, they’re protesting and they’re throwing their support to Trump! In California crime is so bad that in-n-out closed their first location ever. In New York, A fundraiser for Biden, attended by Clinton and Obama is being protected because of the genocide Biden is funding on the Palestinians. You know Democrats are in trouble when the two biggest idiot filled states are actually affected by the policies of the jackasses they votefor and are letting their dissent be shown to their overlords! Good for you idiots!

You’re finally catching on to the fact that your leaders don’t give a ■■■■ about you. Whether it’s crime in California or the New York subways, or the number of you that are assaulted and killed by the illegals that Biden is importing to replace you, whether you are Jewish or Muslim, Biden and his administration and your Democrat governors and mayors have nothing but utter contempt for you. All they’ve EVER cared about is taking your money and getting your vote.

Republicans have been telling you this for decades, but you wouldn’t listen. Now that you’re seeing and experiencing what you’re leaders real agenda is, the question is ARE YOU STILL GOING TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS? You can change what’s happening by remembering they work for you…


And the answer is…Hell Yes!

Because we are not gullible enough to value the crime anecdotes you and the Post and Fox News try to scare us with when in the real world violent crime is at an all time low.

Because the GOP is a **** show.

Because your leaders are Trump who is a liar and a goon, MTG who is an uneducated mess and conspiracy theorist, Jordan and Comer who have no ethics.

Because Trump wants to drain the swamp and then installs his daughter in law as head of the RNC.

Because the GOP would rather use the Southern Border as a political issue than solve the problem.

Because the GOP is cool with letting Putin have Ukraine.

Because the GOP wants to take Birth Control away.

Because the conservative Justices on the Supreme Court are unethical creeps who seemingly take bribes.

Because all the worst states on poverty and crime and education are Red States.

Get ready for FOUR MORE YEARS!


The (D)ogs are barking. :rofl:





I just want the border sealed you can perform abortions in my driveway if you can convince the Democrats to go along with it.

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racist bullhorn

venezuela gang no


What a load of hot air.


I say Democrats hold people in contempt and you call crime victims anecdotes. Trump went to the wake of an anecdotal policeman murdered by a scumbag piece of ■■■■ illegal, Joe Biden doesn’t even call the family, he’s at a fundraiser with his traitorous ex-pres friends Obama and Clinton. A 22 year old anecdote named Laken Riley murdered by another scumbag illegal and Joe Biden is thedoesn’t call her family to offer condolences, gets her name wrong even when it’s written in front of him and the apologizes for calling the piece of garbage murderer illegal. Yep, your a perfect Lib…


See if you can squeeze a couple more Newsmax stories into one post LOL.

Get ready for FOUR MORE YEARS of whining.


I am sure the left with be doing a lot of whining after they get over their crying. Maybe hillary can buy a few more lies from the Russians and you all can hold more investigations that amount to nothing.



I love this post!

Be sure to stock up on Kleenex. You are probably going to need them.


Insight and analysis on point!

Trump attempted to build a big, tall, thick, high, wall along with a remain in Mexico policy that had this problem minimized. Biden on day one…stopped all of this and created this problem. You are so blinded by TDS…you never once took any responsibility. All you do is point your weak, l’il finger at others instead of looking in the mirror like a good Brandonite. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


The entire political landscape is set up as a team sport. Most people choose their side even if it means voting for someone with the onset of dementia. He could be drooling with only 30% brain activity, and he will get tens of millions of votes.

Gas prices could go to 15 dollars a gallon. He could invite the entirety of Mexico into the USA at our expense, and he’d still get millions of votes.


Shows the differing priorities.

I heard a tape on the radio of the protestors at the Biden, Obama, Clinton fundraiser and the protestors were yelling Genocide Joe at Biden.

I was not aware that Biden was Prime Minister of Israel.

So Bibi is causing genocide?



You buried your lead…:rofl: