When the stupid wake up

I’ve been watching the news. It isn’t a secret that New Yorkers are really pissed about all the illegals that have now invaded their city. Can’t feel any sympathy for them though, they have a measly 125 thousand, so what’s the problem? New York is a sanctuary city who welcomes illegals. You asked for em, you got em, so shut the hell up.

And now Chicago residents are likewise complaining about illegals in their city too. They’re living in the airport, in police stations, displacing kids from their schools and Chicago residents are threatening to NOT vote for a Democrat mayor next election! I wouldn’t give a crap about Chicago either except my city is just a couple hours away right on a major interstate and the number where I live is getting noticably bigger.

Stupid is as Libs does momma used to say. Their Communist, American hating, God hating, family hating, Capitalist hating, freedom hating agenda is the elusive root cause of the problems that The genius Kamala Harris has been diligently searching for because while Lib policies are designed to destroy the middle class, and thus the engine that drives America; the primary means being used to bring about the destruction is by paying tens of millions of poor, uneducated thugs to come into America as fast as possible, without vetting any more of them under, the guise of “asylum.”

But the elite Lib overlords now have a problem, they are getting worried. They didn’t count on the stupid sheep to wake up and finally start paying attention to what scumbaggery they’ve been subjected to.

Time to panic, time to threaten, time to arrest, time to lie, time to distract. You would think the overlords would pivot, that they would at least pretend to care about and listen to those they are depending on for votes, instead, their utter arrogance compels them to double down on failed plans, blame, threaten and arrest dissenters and this plan also includes thumbing their noses at their useful idiots who are complaining about the misery their own stupidity brought upon themselves.

What a mess. The Republicans are seemingly useless and the Democrats are doing what Democrats do best- destroying America with 16 months to go in their agenda. Too little, too late for the leftist who are now in the useful idiots category. Your leaders don’t give a ■■■■ about you either, we tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen. Now you get to suffer the results of your collective stupidity as you suffer with us… small comfort though…


I don’t remember the parts of the Bible where one should be terrible to migrants…



I mean… I love my country… I love my family… Capitalism needs some work… because a lassez faire system sucks for everyone but overall having a free market is usually better for all as long as all of the actors are rational and the complete costs are calculated in the end price… And I like freedom…

So what am I doing wrong?

More emotes, memes, and sheep noises.


Nah not dramatic enough.


It’s a crisis they have 10,000 a month. Texas has 10,000 a day. But hey, it’s ok if Texas has to suffer, in YOUR yard, not MINE!

Kinda’ like Martha’s Vineyard…


It’s so basic, it’s in the 10 commandments; Thou shalt not steal.

Coming across the border, illegally is stealing from every American.


So what have you done for “capitalism”? How much tax revenue have you generated for your country that you say you love? Are your efforts efficient, effective and productive? How many do you employ? Do you pay them well?

Trump says if he’s elected, he’ll remove all of these millions of illegal immigrants. Let’s unite and vote for Trump.


There has never been “laissez-faire capitalism” in this country.

And inane whining.

“Let’s talk about what I want to! I’ll change the topic!”


It’s a crisis when it starts impacting blue politicians. Remember when Abbott and DeSantis were fascists?


Oooh! He thinks he wants to use the Good Book as a weapon. Getting desperate!

There goes your “put the employers in prison” nonsense.


As you can see, the stupid are not waking up.

It’s just the average and normal people who are. :wink:


That is a stretch.

Well… one… I don’t do anything for Capitalism since it is simply an economic system so it is a something that we all live within… and two… I am more than an economic input… we all are.

What I am getting at is that the view that you are presenting a terrible dehumanizing way to look at it.

Uh, huh. How about…“do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? If I did something as illegal as what they’re attempting to do, I’d like to be punished for my crimes. Now…let’s punish them for their crimes cuz @Jezcoe being so "V"irtuous, wants to apply the Bible.


Daaaaaaaaaaaamn…you told the truth. Cheers. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Do unto others seeking a better life?

And if we all remember I am not the one who classified a political party as being " God Hating" after complaining about undocumented migrants.

That is what I found to be pretty strange and worthy making fun of.