When Pense argued a president should be removed from office for not having the highest moral standards

Mike Pense had no qualms calling for a president to resign in the 1990s. More than once, he called for Bill Clinton to resign over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

But he also railed against the moral standards of Clinton for a marital affair, which would be similar to Trump’s affair.

These sentences in the essay “Why Clinton Must Resign or Be Impeached” stand out He calls on the Republican majority to do its job and defend the laws of the republic. Wonder what he has to say about this now.

If the President does not resign, the Republican Congress must impeach him even if it costs them their majority because the laws of this republic charge them with the duty to so act. Absent an uncharacteristic act of selflessness by the President, it is left to the Republicans to live up to their label and defend the laws and institutions of this Republic.



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