The moral case for removing a president

columns written 20 years ago make the case that the president should be held to the highest moral standards to determine whether he should resign or be removed from office.

in addition the author when writting about bill clinton wrote
"Further, the Presidents (sic) repeated lies to the American people in this matter compound the case against him as they demonstrate his failure to protect the institution of the presidency as the 'inspiring supreme symbol of all that is highest in our American ideals

he wrote that because of clintons lack or morality and repeated lies the president should be removed from office even if it meant teh GOP would lose their majority in congress

the author of those columns…

Mike Pence


Pence is the poster boy of the religious right’s hypocrisy.


President Pence.

The reason there’s no serious move to impeach Trump. :wink:

That would be preferable to what we have now.

Not for the dems

Clinton was a womanizer in the White House and lied under oath - while in office…

Trump has done nothing that would be considered impeachable while in office. Anything Trump did prior to winning the White House is not an impeachable offense.


Nothing about this surprises me. Pence a hypocrite? Never!!!

So what exactly has Trump done that is impeachable?

Really no other way to put it. Pence represents those self-declared social conservatives who sold their credibility cheap to climb into bed with a man who is the epitome of everything they claimed to shun.

Which doesn’t surprise anyone, and doesn’t change anything. There will not be a come to Jesus moment, at least not until Donald’s out of office.

Trump rebooted his morals when he got into office?

Impeach him for what exactly? :confused:

That doesn’t even make any sense. He isn’t PC and Presidential enough for the Trump haters. That isn’t an impeachable offense.



Selling out to the Russians.

In 2025, following his second term.

Ahhh Yes! The old Russia; Russia; Russia gig.

Frothy froth froth.


You’re not liking this great economy?

Why aren’t Trumps morals before he was President important? Why would Pence, in light of this stance, agree to be Trump’s Vice President?

It’s because he’s an opportunist and a hypocrite.

thanks Obama.

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