The moral case for removing a president

I knew you would say that. Everything bad that happened to Obama was Bush’s fault and Obama get’s credit for everything good in Trump’s administration.

What a wonderful bizarro world LIBs live in. :+1:

You betcha it would.

Mind your keyboard, peek. hands you an Infowars Tactical Wipe

Because he believed in Trump’s ability to Make America Great again. Thus far that is exactly what Trump is doing.

Trump’s second term would end end in January of 2025.

I knew you would say that. :rofl:

I don’t agree.

I strongly believe Trump could beat any DEM candidate in 2020. Where he to be removed from office, I don’t believe Pence would be able to win.

Congratulations, you can math.

I’m sure Pence’s intentions are pure.

So long as his personal morals don’t tarnish the office, he’s the paragon of virtue as far as we should be concerned.

Its irrelevant what you believe about Pence’s intentions.

Looking back at history, we see human failings from almost every one of our Presidents. It is ridiculous to try and put them on a pedestal and expect them to be virtuous and perfect.

Too late. .

This a super cute. Are you and Trump dating? But seriously. Trump isn’t even in the same room as the pedestal.


So what you’re saying is Pence is inconsistent about high moral standards being important in a President.

The economy was also doing well under Clinton.

I was as disgusted by Clinton as I am by Trump.


Amazing how Trump’s whoring slate is wiped clean because he has a R behind his name

LBJ was a womanizer and he swam nude in front of the Secret Service agents assigned to him. Clinton had a blow job in the oval office. Kennedy and FDR had affairs while in office.

What has Trump done, exactly?

The great thing about Trump has been watching the completed disintegration on conservative morals, particularly evangelicals.

You really haven’t a clue with your holier than thou morality crap.