When Non-Jews Wield Anti-Semitism as Political Shield

As a Jew, and a American - It always bothered me when non Jews, many who have turned a blind eye to anti antisemitism and complain about a “War on Christians” take the liberty to tell me who is a anti Semite and who isn’t. The fact that it usually is based on ones view of Israel’s policies, make it worse. This article was spot on. Would love to get others views.

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al sharpton, jessie jackson, louis farrakhan and jeremiah wright support this message.

Wrong thread? This is about non Jews calling others anti semites and ignoring other Anti- semites.
I’ve never heard any of those people you mention call anyone else a anti semite. Can you post a link where they have?

No, but I have heard all of them say EXTREMELY anti-Jewish things, and then be held up as arbiters or racism, hate and inequality.

Just as you are attempting to do in your OP.

I dont agree with that at all. I dont think they have held themselvs up to be arbitrators of all racism hate and inequality. They do talk a lot about racism - but mostly around racism on color.

I also agree that each one of them have shown they are anti -semitic and i would not want any of them elected to any office.

But again - THIS article was about NON Jews making claims about who and what is and isn’t anti Semitic. Usually based on the false belief that all Jews really only care about Israel. DO you have any comment about that or do you just want to keep deflecting?

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“Socialist” and “fascist” have been mis-used in so many political arguments that they have lost their meaning and are pretty much insult words for left and right.

“Anti-Semitic” is headed that way.

(just as “racist” is becoming an insult noun and as an adjective is losing any implication of intent.)

You know who I miss? Abe. Abe was the ■■■■■■■ man. He’s also the poster who I agreed with the most about Israel, despite the fact that a) I am critical of many Israeli policies and b) he was an Israeli and a veteran of the Suez War to boot.

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This is exactly how I feel every time some never-has-been comments on my wars. lol

Hey, I never went but about a third of the dudes I knew did and we both know I was one of the few quote unquote libs who could kick it with the AAW folks and have a convo even when things were hot overseas.

Speaking of which, where is Cav Scout at? That was my mans.

I’m pretty sure he’s on my Facebook list, but I’ve forgotten most of the old forum names in place of real names at this point. The internet sucks lately. lol

Moved to Wyoming when he mustered out. Bought a bar I think? I still remember some dude on the old forum challenging him to a fight and he posted his mailing address lol.

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He did buy a bar
I still have to get there but can’t remember were. I think it was the only bar in that town.

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Okay. Yeah. Now I remember. We were talking about it in PMs because I’d been in the bar business for so long. Wherever he lived there were more wolves than people though I understand that’s most of Wyoming.

Non-Jewish Democrats claimed Trump is anti-Semitic after an attack at a San Diego synagogue:

  • “Why do these people feel they have license now to attack synagogues?” Senator Dick Durbin (D., Ill.) wondered on CNN. “This has really been fomented because of the rhetoric we’re hearing from the White House.”
  • According to Senator Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), Poway and similar onslaughts “are borne out of hate — hate which has received new fuel in these last two years.”
  • “He’s provocative. He gives dog whistles constantly to these people,” said Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s The View . “Take responsibility for your actions, Mr. President. You are the culprit!”
    In Accusing Trump of Anti-Semitism, Democrats Play the Projection Game

Are you bothered by these statements?


Abe and mozysafe. Those 2 knew so much about the region and would school eeeeveryone

No. Are you?

If yes, why?

I think he went away.

He’s not allowed an opinion unless he’s Jewish.

Probably because of the subject of the OP.

No, and here is why. Each one of those comments are saying that Trump is talking hate and that suports hates. NO WHERE do they simply say"Trump is anti semtic" and have it at that. In addition, none of those people accuse Trump of spewing anti Jewish hate and then turn around and do it themselves.
I wouldn’t even care if Trump said something like"Omars quote about jewish money feeds into old anti semtic beleifs". He’d be right.
But instead you have a Montana senior ignoring anti semtic actions in his own state and then saying he’s offended by 4 Congress members he decided were anti semtic.

You have Trump saying there are some"good people" marching with Nazi flags and then saying his anti American language about some people is ok because they are antisemitic.
I don’t need people that have ignored the plight of Jews, who have themselves embraced people and polices that hurt Jewish people and Jewish values to tell me who is anti semtic.

Non Jews can 109% have a opinion about anyone, but do not speak for me or my religion