When Feds release Pecker/Trump abortion files?

When the feds show what they found in the Enquirer Trump secret safe and it shows payoffs to silence woman that have aborted Trump babies, what will the Pro-Life faction here think?
Now is the time to take a stand before they are released next week.

If such things exist, Trumpsters will simply say it all happened before he became president and that he is a changed person now.


They’ll bring up David from the Bible or something. They. Do. Not. Care.

The 5th Avenue quote was the only time Trump was ever prescient about something.

Won’t matter one little bit. “We elected a president, not a pastor”.

Trump’s personal life won’t matter. Of course, the president after Trump will be another story. As will the president after that…

Let’s not get ridiculous.

It did all happen before he was President and I don’t care whether he is a changed person or not! He is doing the job he was duly elected to do and that’s all I care about. MAGA :us::us:


My stand is will you freaking libs take a stand! Is abortion good or bad?

Good grief you need a LIBERALISM FOR DUMMIES handbook to keep up with the twists and turns of the scrambled mass of the liberal brain!


They’re not Christians.

Yeah, I thought with at least some—there actually are pro life liberals—but at least with others abortion was “a woman’s ‘freedom to choose’”.

As John Travolta’s Vinnie Barbarino example on ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ used to say, “I’m so confused.”

Can someone tell me why these women are considered such victims?

Unless they were raped, they voluntarily had sex with the man, possibly without bc. They apparently didn’t refuse money that was given to them strictly to abort.

Suing him for child support or even placing unwanted babies for adoption is one thing on a higher level, but even then, unless the bc failed, why aren’t they being held accountable by putting themselves in a position to have a child, expectedly or otherwise?


Well, first we’ll have to know their names.

Are you pro-life?


No health care provider provider will ever release them.

And, to put it crudely, if you don’t want to be screwed, don’t put yourself in the position.

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Can’t vouch for Roxie, but yes for me, except under limited circumstances.

I’m just saying it’s kinda hard to “shame” a Jane Doe.

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Good. So if Donnie has paid for abortions himself, how can supporting him be reconciled with pro-life values?

I would ask when did the “Enquirer” become the “go to source”.

Then, I would ask what are we doing about illegal immigration? What are we doing about the MS-13 gangs and others like them.

What are we doing for our veterans, our health care system and our educational system.

And, if a woman chose to have an abortion then you the pro-abortion crowd should be cheering her on. Even if Trump wanted to keep the child he wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter would he?


Good questions. For example, what are Trump and DeVos doing about education that should be appreciated by all Americans?

It’s quite simple, really. I wish there wasn’t one more abortion. However, a woman has the right to self-determination regarding medical decisions with her body. Therefore, I support policy that reduces the chances of unwanted pregnancies.