When do polls mean anything?

Gotta really suck being a Lib right now. 6 months from the election and Yaboi Biden is sinking faster than the Titanic in the polls. It’s not even close. Way outside the margin of error. Just watched a clip from a Biden rally. Wow, must have been at least 17 people in the audience and Biden literally said " KAMALA AND I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP."

By contrast, Trump has a rally in solid blue New Jersey over the weekend and tens of thousands showed up! This despite TJs banana Republic tactics of having his political opponent falsely arrested and tried. While Trump sits in some scumbag, unqualified, piece of ■■■■■ partisan hack of a judges courtroom with an unconstitutional gag order slapped on the him, he still manages to bitch slap the treasonous piece of garbage masqueradeing as a human being that gets to call himself the current POTUS, by campaigning in nearby blue states and New York, and they love him!!!

Not that I enjoy seeing Libs lose or anything, but every other false case against Trump is falling apart too. The false document case in Florida- DOA. The fanny ( what you talkin about Willis) case- going nowhere.

You’re only hope now is the case in DC, But I’ve got a news flash for you, even CNN and MSNBC are getting the message, WE DON’T CARE. Even Democrats are now recognizing the blatant abuse of power being carried out against Trump, but the far left Lib Loons running the party are still too stupid to admit the obvious and switch tactics. Americans hate corruption and abuse of power and now it is affecting everyone. The brain dead minions you’ve cultivated over the last 40 years aren’t going to save the election this time…

6 months left but polls mean nothing right?

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Correct, I will use the red wave in 2022 as evidence


IMO, polls always mean something. Even two years before an election, it’s helpful to know where things are.

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With all the election night shenanigans going on lately the polls mean nothing.

All but one of the major bookies have Trump winning. I put more stock into what people are putting their money on than some weekly article begging for clicks.


And there’s these strange anomalies lately.


True. I remember in 20 when the bookies in Vegas were predicting a Biden win. I didn’t believe it. Although the bookies can’t take into account the level of cheating Democrats will resort too. But It does give some reassurance.




Most people do not get interested until after the summer.

This time in 2012, Romney was beating Obama in some polls…

polls simply tell them how many vans full of Biden ballots they will need… if he gets the nomination that is…


Many polls are good at showing trends. Most polls are a snapshot in time. And to fully understand a poll one must research the factors of the polls. What is the division? Where is the area? How are the questions asked? What is the MOE and why?
IMHO most poll companies have done a pretty good job crossing over to the cell phone and social media folks we have become. And if you consider the last few election cycles, many polls were very close to the actual outcomes. I do like the RCP average because they use multiple polls that sweep the range from very conservative to very liberal.

The only poll that matters is on election day.


And all the evidence showed…there was none. But thanks for playing.

Polls are accurate…until around 3:00 am in the morning following the election.

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and walked out mid speech.


Like Trump said we would have to overwhelm them with votes.

Only chance to get around the shenanigans imo.

If they don’t have the results finalized by 3am then look out!!!

cant count mail votes until regular votes are counted.

thats a law in several states.

as yogi says you can look it up.


aka the “red mirage”


More likely you were watching MSNBC and they censored the rally minutes in and told you people were leaving because they know their audience believes every word they’re fed by their betters.

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Since when do Libs care about the law?

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