When do Black lives matter? fact is they don't!

SO, I was wondering what happened in America. Riots, Looting, Covid gets removed from the headlines, Obama corruption undermining our Constitution gets forgotten. Democrats accuse Republicans of using the justice system to play politics. AS if collusion was not. But then I realized Black lives Don’t matter if they ARE POLICE.

So if it is ok to kill some blacks, why are others different? Yes we could say that police represent oppression and racism regardless of if they are minorities. That may be true. But certainly black officers are not racist against blacks. To be a racist everybody knows you must be white.

White lives do not matter either. When white men get shot nobody cares. When white cops get shot they deserved it. Cops are bad, white cops are the worst.

Say my name, say my name, do you know the names of any dead cops?

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What happened in America?

They elected a racist peace of crap from Rev. Wrights church of hate.

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Please list 10 racist things Obama did during his presidency.

Probably could have proved the point asking for 3.

You might consider wiping the spittle off the screen and choosing better words.

As a philosopher, not a moderator.


we could start with his son.
we could mention having beer with the cops.
we could mention stoking rage over Michael Brown
we could mention many things but you know having a black president popularly elected kind of goes against you cant get ahead in America if you are black.

He came from Rev. Wrights church hate, why are you defending that fact?

Having a beer with a cop is racist?


You can if you have fake news to protect the fact he came from Re. Wrights church of hate.

I really don’t know what you’re trying to say.

I don’t know what your thesis is - in fact, I have a hard time understanding how each paragraph is connected to the others.

What is it specifically that you’d like to discuss?

We spent three years being told to be outraged at Trump over Russian collusion for which there was no evidence (if you don’t count the dossier that came about by colluding with Russia).
Then we spent months being told to be outraged at Trump over a virus that hit every country in the world.
Now we are supposed to be outraged at Trump because blacks are protesting/rioting in chiefly Democrat run cities with Democrat run police departments.

And the biggest life changing event for me in that time was that I had a tooth fall out and am having an implant.
I’m kind of tired of being told to be outraged.



The question was what did he do as potus.

Have you seen the riots on TV?

What does that have to do with my post?

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It’s not that black people can’t get ahead in America… its that on average they face more hurdles.

He set up his own strawman.

“Racist Thing” is a setup. He fomented hate and violence by taking advantage of cases that had possible racial implications but rarely did he himself personally say racist things.

The Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin cases are the most glaring and egregious examples.


“Hurtles” like The English Language? :joy:

What he said. :point_up_2: