When Dear Leader Speaks, You Best Stand

You are correct in that Trump’s critics can go overboard and lose sight of the larger picture. But in this case, Trump’s flippant attitude toward a dictator like Kim is insulting. You should be insulted as an American how this President tramples over American values.


Dear Leader thank you for your fealty. Now continue with your Hail Trumps, and kiss the ring 10 times before you proceed to meeting your pro-Dear Leader quote on the forum today. You can collect your rubles after you’re done.

It’s funny, when partisan hack’s hair was on fire over Obama saying he’s NOT a king, they look the other way when Trump praises Un and wishes he could be more like Un.

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Deflection noted.

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I love how gape mouthed he was, like he just discovered how strong Kim was and that his people sat at attention when he spoke, and his immediate reaction to that…is that he wants it too.

Such a weirdo.

Let me guess what the ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ are going to say… “it was a joke!”… or “he wasn’t saying it for our public consumption!”… anyone get anything else?

Do you agree with Trump’s view of the NK regime?

There is a reason he gets along better with dictators then with western leaders.

He has been dropping vague hints that he admires dictators and would like the “respect” they get this is just a more direct statement

He won’t answer. He, and a few others like him, totally avoid talking about legitimate criticisms of Trump/republicans and just shows up in threads to heehaw about “libruls.”

Btw, if you’re wondering why Trump is being all gushy and lovey dovey on Kim, it’s all for you!

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It’s not all that vague honestly.

OK guys time for all of you to go outside and scream toward the sky.

Ready? 1…2…3…GO! :rofl:

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So Trump has to kiss his ass so he won’t nuke America. That’s amazing.


We’re laughing!

You’re the one he wants to stand at attention, not us.

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I don’t think Trump understands that in NOKO if you don’t stand when told to you get a bullet in the back of the brain. And that’s if you’re lucky. The unlucky ones and their families get sent for “re-education.” Which is a fancy way of saying you are worked to death.

The test will be in the next cabinet meeting.
POTUS puts his water bottle on the floor…everybody better put their water bottle on the floor. Or…You’re Fired! and maybe fed to the dogs.


This is the same guy who called Duerte and praised him for the extrajudicial murders of people suspected of drug dealing.

He knows. Why does no one believe the plain words that come out of his mouth?

When I first read this title and then the headline of the article my mind went right to Kim Kardashian lol.

Replying directly to the above quoted statement not to the individual poster.

Trump was talking about his staff, his cabinet, the Republican Party and maybe Congress itself, in other words the DC swamp and ICAM with him.

Oh so it’s his staff that needs to stand or be executed. That’s so much better!