When Dear Leader Speaks, You Best Stand

Add this to the pile of Authoritarian statements by Twitler in Chief.

He appears to be gesturing back to the WH. At least he only wants his staff to stand at attention or be blown up with artillery.

It’s exceptionally sad that this is what America voted for. It just shows how far we still need to go to actually be that shining city on the hill. I can say this. I’ll never sit or stand at attention for this douche canoe. Ever.

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“My people”?! ■■■■ you champ. This is America - you work for ME.


Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me?

I need to be watching F&F…seems he’s giving out all sorts of information without being asked.

This should be fun…Don Jr. told Congress that his father didn’t compose the message.

You think the spineless cowards running the HIC will do anything about it? The cult rules the roost. The generational liars will get away with lying to Congress, and much more. I’m convinced of it.

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That feeling when the President admits to lying about his involvement in a coverup and it’s not even the biggest story of the hour.


Doesn’t matter. This Congress wouldn’t give a flying Philadelphia ■■■■ at a rolling doughnut hole if Don, Jr. or any of this coterie outright lied to them.

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When just asked about Kim killing his own people Trump said:

“I can’t speak to that.”

So much news this week. The parade of ■■■■■■■■■■■■ is tiring. If the hats said, “Make America Exhausted Again,” I’d wear one.


American fascism.

Wow! This is ridiculous. The man who is never lost for words… cannot speak on human rights issues

He probably has no clue about Kim’s history of human rights atrocities. We can’t honestly expect the President to have a ■■■■■■■ clue what’s going on can we?

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Are there any dictators this dude doesn’t praise.

Today’s hate fest talking points? The only thing I wonder about the new threads each day is what will the haters find to hate him for today? :roll_eyes::thinking::thinking:

If Trump wouldn’t stop saying offensive thjngs, maybe people would stop calling him out on it.

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The President will be just fine as long as a a Marine doesn’t hold his umbrella.