What's your opinion on oversight

Right off the bat as the stimulus is signed, trump says he will not comply with any oversight. He wants to gag the inspector general and says congress has no standing. What could go wrong? Why would this even be a gig deal?

He sees 2 trillion and wants some of the money for himself…

If ever there was grounds for impeachment… it I suspect the gop will lay down as usual.

Hence the problem. This is a little over the top and shows how broken our govt is

Nancy, I think, said Trump’s hotels are excluded from any stimulus money!

How can they do this? His hotel chain is legit as any. :elephant: :us:

You would think the GOP should buck against trump here…but they wont

Got anything to back this up champ or are you just free styling?

I think hes referring to this.

So it wasn’t the “pork” that was the sticking point.

It was that the Dems wanted Trump to be accountable for who he gave that $500 billion to, and Trump just wants to make sure his wealthy buddies get to keep their money.

From the article cited above:

The $500 billion loan program was the biggest point of contention between Democratic and Republican lawmakers throughout the relief bill’s negotiation process. Democrats called this a “slush fund” that would give Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin broad authority to disburse the funds as he saw fit. The IG provision was intended as an accountability effort to alert Congress if the Trump administration was not complying with auditing measures. It was also meant to help ensure the president and his family did not directly benefit from the emergency funds through their businesses.


The broader coronavirus relief package also guarantees direct cash payments to many adult workers, expands unemployment insurance, and provides $367 billion in loans to small businesses.

But it was the inclusion of a $500 billion corporate loan program — which includes a guaranteed $50 billion for the airline industry — that proved a key sticking point in the bill’s negotiation. Earlier this week, Democrats blocked a version of the package that they said did not contain strong enough oversight over that fund.

Who in Congress voted for it or against it?

“Vox” is an acceptable source?

Isn’t Vox an acceptable source?

I don’t think so. I would put it in the same basket as Breitbart.

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More reports that Trump intends to do whatever the hell he pleases with the money to bail out corporations and his wealthy buddies.

Why would he not want any oversight so that the American people know where all their tax money is going?

Nothing but lib articles? Of course. :roll_eyes:

The $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill establishes a “special inspector general” to review and investigate loan decisions made by the treasury secretary.

I actually like this, depending on who appoints him and how, who he reports to, etc. And as long as it doesn’t hold up disbursements while we get him in place.

It is a good idea, isn’t t?

Too bad Trump doesn’t intend to comply with it! That’s the issue!

Hey - feel free to give the lie by posting something from Fox news that says Trump intends to be open and above board with where all that corporate bailout money is going.

Prove it.

Depending on the execution. Which may be the problem.

Trump is not always right.