What's with this fake White House set made for television?

I just noticed the NY Post reported that Harris got her booster shot this week in a make believe White House office. Seems misleading to at least me. How about you? Please share your thoughts.

Doubt there was anything other than saline in the shot and if there was, it was stupid. Although rare, people can have bad reactions. Think of the damage to confidence in the vaccine if either Biden or Harris had a bad reaction live on television.

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That’s exactly why it was filled with saline. :wink:


She got the booster, which means she’s already had the prior shots and knew whether an allergic reaction would be a concern. That’s the reaction doctors are concerned about which is why they hold you for 15m.

there’s nothing that democrats do that isn’t pure theater, fakery, illusion and fabrication

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they administered this shot incorrectly. did you notice?

dont forget everyone’s an expert on all this now. that includes you

You don’t have to be allergic to have a bad reaction. The people who have had heart problems aren’t allergic. And yes it’s rare but why would you take a chance?

Did you similarly feel misled by Trump signing blank sheets of paper at Walter Reed pretending he was working through Covid?

try to stay on the topic

i know it’s hard. but it should be getting easier by now.

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Don’t recall saying anything about how I feel about this.

This was the booster. Presumably her THIRD shot.

I was responding to the OP, not you.

Consistency. This topic is about feeling misled by staged situations.

I understand, though.

no you dont

the OP is about harris

I hate to break this to you but… Trump is not the president anymore

there there…

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You typed this apparently unable to see the oozing irony.

The OP is upset about being misled.

Consistency. I understand that is a foreign concept to many.

these things take time…

Not that I can tell, he/she wasn’t misled

Was there a point in this post? Or just gum flapping?

Good lord.

Fine, let’s go down that pedantic rabbit hole.

OP is upset at the ATTEMPT to mislead.