What's with this fake White House set made for television?

if youre so concerned about being “on point” why did you avoid answering this question and instead pavlovian deflect to Trump grr?

perhaps youre afraid to admit or even acknowledge how fake democrats are all the time about everything…


She can’t mislead you when you’re smart enough to see the lie in the first place. :wink:


Wait. This whole thread is about this administration using a production set to film promotional shots?

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I asked the nurse who gave me the shingles vaccine shots why they weren’t aspirating covid shots first, she had no idea and said she was trained to do so…aspirating is pulling back on the plunger to make sure the needle s in muscle and not a vein or artery.



Crazy right.

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I know right, just think of how much money was wasted making this thread.


You apparently missed my point. Read again. Slowly.

read through the thread. theres someone you can ask.

still afraid to answer i see

Yes. I’m sure everyone is soooooo upset about the money spent building that set. Lord almighty.

There was nothing to answer. Just hen pecking irony.

You feel misled? Are you going to be ok? No seriously. Are you ok?

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Those aren’t contradictory. It’s straight from the OP.

i ‘ll ask again

dont be afraid. try to answer

remember youre a virologist now

are you mad you didnt get here soon enough to be the first poster after the op?


Ah yes, because virologists are the ones out administering shots to people!!


Thanks for the morning laugh, Mr. Expert


Scroll ahead to 1:15

It’s amazing isn’t it? Trump can sign blank pieces of paper in an attempt to show he’s working hard though covid, and not a peep. Kamala gets a booster on a set and people immediately grab the nearest match and set their hair on fire.


I think it’s fake repub poutrage.

this was done properly

so, no you dont see why the shot was done incorrectly and therefore prob fake

if you want to be educated about it lemme know

or just post a thousand smilies