What's with all the deletions?

Please don’t drag me into this

The post of mine that you referenced was about Gianforte and I was calling a public a figure a snowflake… not anyone on this board.

Also I have never called Trump supporters psychopaths.

Thank you.

The report I got, all I could see was the one word snowflake. Way the post was made in the report area I didn’t show what was quoted.

So like I said if it has the appearance of calling another guest a snowflake it get’s deleted.

next time be a little more specific other than just the word.

I believe I was specifically referring to the hard-right and their tendency towards anti-semitic conspiracy theories involving Soros.

Not anywhere close to “all republicans”, but ok.

I believe in another post I said something along the lines of “Have they found a Jew to blame this on yet”, in which it turned out the hard right was blaming Soros for the immigrant caravan.

Yeah, I deleted that too. There were no disclaimers. It was broadbrushing with a mop.