Trump’s comments mark the first time the president has openly and directly praised a violent act against a journalist on American soil

He said he was sorry after he was caught lying about it.

Gianforte suffered little consequence from misdemeanor assault and now he is being actively praised for it.

Violent Loony Leftists!!!1

Yeah… I heard Rush say this yesterday also.

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I’ve come to admire his skill at arousing passions around non-issues. The man has talent.

In before the phrase “Khashoggi was more jihadist than journalist” is used by someone else.

Gianforte is in the wrong profession if he can’t handle that. Maybe he should take up gardening full time.

Except those damn garden gnomes keep staring at him. Little punks deserve a good curb stomping.



Say what you will about Tiny, the man knows his audience. Both the one that fawns over every thing he does, and the one that rages against them. Meanwhile he ingests the wealth and attention like Jabba the Hutt set loose in Golden Corral.

Politicos gotta take a lot of crap from people.

Thin skinned people like Trump and Gianforte should not be politicos.


Wasn’t one of the things from Trumpists the “■■■■ your Feelings” ideology that they love so much?

A reporter being rude? Now that is just too far!!!

Yup. It all fits into his dichotomous ‘us against them’ narrative. It’s worked till now. Why would he stop?

To be fair, there have been multiple media members who have openly called for trump’s assassination.

Thread killer.

In all likelihood it will work in 2020. Donald and the media that pimps for him will paint a rosy apocalyptic picture of doom and gloom should the Democrats win anything, and fearmonger his base into running to the polls. Immigrants, feminists, liberals, oh my!

Violent Loony Left!!!

And every time we libs hyperventilate and flop on the chaise, we play into his narrative.

Staring is rude and deserves at least a punch in the face, in my part of the country.

We wander gardens punching all sorts of statues.

Ever been in church and seen a portrait of Jesus whose gaze seems to follow you around the room?

I’d throttle him, but he’s too high up there, and who brings a ladder to church?

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He sure does. Many of them are brimming with violence, and they just want an excuse to cheer it, because actual violence takes energy, and they’re too busy cheering it.

Funniest thing I’ve seen all week.

Reminds me of when Obama told illegals that there are no negative consequences to them if they vote.

The crowd cheered!

For real? ■■■■ that game.